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The Way:

I was fourteen and a half when first discovered that I was sick with cancer. It began with a routine visit to the old family doctor Bkoft- patients. The doctor, who then was a head shorter than me and a half, looked up to my neck, touched a bulge that I was not aware of it, and asked, “What is it?” I replied that I did not know, and the response was sent for tests annoying and endless Hadassah Hospital. Two weeks later, I had surgery to remove the thyroid gland with the tumor, then turned out to be cancerous. Then metastases were also found health and mind, and therefore I Chemical treatments (using radioactive iodine) to eliminate metastases. Managed care, but the cancer came back to visit several times, and each time one received another chemotherapy iodine, which helped greatly, until the next time.

At the age of 30, suddenly, a routine audit, it was discovered that the cancer was back, in the same places: neck, lung and head. In response I set another appointment chemical treatment with radioactive iodine. This time, for once, I immediately agreed to accept chemotherapy. I asked for a postponement, that will give me time to try and deal with cancer in alternative ways which I heard at the same time. My request to postpone treatment was denied, but I decided to take responsibility. I rejected chemotherapy treatment on my own, despite the negative response of doctors.

For three months I moved to alternative treatments, I started working with self self-healing techniques, relaxation and guided imagery. After three months I went through the same test again, the previous review, I received an official answer from the doctors was that there has been no change in the growth and metastasis. In desperation and disappointment set me on the spot a new date for chemical treatment. In a flash of intuitive wisdom unconscious before I left I asked the doctor the copies from the newly passed inspection. At home, a few hours later, my wife Sarah Hdt- eye, studied photographs of the test and showed me that look small tumors and significantly weaker.

So, again I refused to accept the chemotherapy right away. Skeptical, but I continued to encourage and believe in the work myself, searching for spring health. At the same time I searched feverishly for a doctor or a doctor who will agree to be in touch with me and treat me with deference to what I do. After six months passed another test, the same as before, and this time the happy outcome, taken after a nerve-racking week, was that the growth and metastases too small I receive chemotherapy.

I was very happy. I went wild with joy. I celebrated with my family and friends. But I did not see that the end of the learning process and my recovery, but rather a sign of the success of the road, and therefore, encouragement and a boost to continue it. To seek new paths and more to a spring of health. The next five years I continued to work with myself. I learned two methods of alternative medicine therapy, and I was training with the “Jin Shin acupressure.” I treat other people and teach Jin Xin, I changed jobs and housing, and the fourth daughter was born to me.

After five years, further comprehensive review would be tantamount to the tumor completely disappeared and all its derivatives. Another decision I made was to use my personal story, I have gained knowledge and experience, and all that I have received along the way, to help other people, especially cancer patients, find their own way to heal themselves. Indeed, the last two years I started to find ways to do it. I treat cancer patients and guide them toward healing themselves, lectures and holds workshops for various groups, writes and tells his personal story. As I write, a number, a lecturer or a therapist, I feel I continue to heal myself too.

Today I feel healthier, and so I pass the tests show every time. I continue to work with myself and look for new ways to Fountain of Health, treats people, and try as much as I do just fine for myself, my family and the world.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As of February 2021, Avner is thriving post-diagnosis.

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