In 2008, Ted had his first brush with melanoma. After trying conventional medical treatment and not seeing results, he resorted to using only non-conventional treatments to find healing. Read his story:

“On 5 July 2008, I noticed a small lump and had it removed 28th July. In November 2009, I noticed a small cheek lump. It went down with Vit C until I went out on a boat for a week in April 2010 and forgot to take it. On the 28th of April, I was diagnosed as original melanoma type and had to have it surgically removed. On the 19th of May I had an appointment with an oncologist (David Gibbs) and told I was beyond medical help, could be dead in 6 weeks, had a 50% chance of seeing 5 months, and a 2% chance of 2 years. I was sent home with “palliative care only.”

I am on the autistic spectrum. I like (need) some routine in my life, to balance the novelty. I have the same breakfast and lunch routine every day. I don’t miss Vit C doses – ever. I am still a strict vegan. and no added sugar. I am about half raw food now. I do, on special occasions, now allow myself about 2ml of scotch (no more – and less than once a month) and enjoy a Claushaler non-alcoholic beer once or twice a week. I take a single multi-mineral multivitamin tablet every day (Healthhouse CAA). and a B12 tab 3-4 times a week (Solgar 1000ug). I supplement with calcium – currently using coral sprinkled on my rolled oats breakfast (high dose Vit C acts as a chelating agent, so I have found extra calcium is necessary).

A huge part of my survival was the support of my wife Ailsa. She is not autistic. Our relationship has levels of difficulties associated with normal/autistic relationships, and there is a great deal of love between us. Having something like that does seem to be important.

I have not had any more tumors since not missing a twice-daily dose of minimum 7g pure L Ascorbic Acid twice daily. I am also a strict vegan and taking 1 CAA multimineral and vitamin supplement daily. As of September 2020, I am still alive and no indications of cancer are present.”

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