Bailey O’Brien is a Radical Remission survivor of stage 4 melanoma skin cancer. Diagnosed at the early age of 21, she first tried conventional medicine to its fullest, but when her cancer returned, she decided to try other healing methods. Today, she currently has no evidence of cancer.

Here is her story in her own words:

“Two weeks after supposedly getting rid of stage 3 melanoma in my head/neck area by surgery and radiation, I discovered a suspicious bump under my chin. My doctor performed a biopsy and determined that it was melanoma, so then she ordered a CT scan to see if it was anywhere else in my body. The scan revealed 7 tumors in total, in my neck, lung and spine. I did not want to pursue conventional treatments because I already tried that route and I did not want to destroy my body with toxins.

After finding 7 tumors and being diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma, I decided to stand up for my health, go with my gut (against my doctor’s orders) and pursue alternative treatments. I went to a hospital in Mexico where I received the Coley Fluid (, started a modified version of the Gerson therapy (including a strict diet and use of coffee enemas), and received laetrile (vitamin B17), high dose vitamin C infusions, and vitamin supplements. I prayed for a miracle, and 6 weeks after starting the regimen, a PET scan revealed that all 7 tumors had gone away!

[Regarding what may cause cancer]: Toxins in our food, water and environment, stress (which suppresses the immune system), poor attitude, poor diet, lack of nutrients, too much sun exposure/sunburn.”

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Editor’s Note: As of October 2020, Bailey is well and thriving post diagnosis.

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