In 2015 Gary’s life was rocked by a cancer diagnosis, stage 2 kidney cancer with a branching tumor. As the doctors told him his expiration date, he made the decision to live. Here is his story in his own words:

“The diagnosis was made here in the U.S. from blood, urine tests and a C-Scan. I was literally told by the doctor, “You could die at any moment.” This was due to the severity and position of the branching tumor. I decided to go out of the U.S. for treatment.

Minutes after I found out that I could die at any minute,a profound peace enveloped me. I felt invincible and lost any concept of living or dying. I slipped into a heightened state of peace and tranquility. I knew this was going to be the adventure of a lifetime and I was determined to enjoy every single moment of it, no matter what the outcome. From that moment, I was led to my miraculous healing in ways that I never imagined possible. I overcame everything and was deeply filled with gratitude for every moment of it!

The peace that I found shortly after my diagnosis left my entire being very clear and open. Something about the severity of my dying any minute diagnosis really took away all fear and left me in a state of bliss. This was a perfect place to simply allow and receive whatever was needed in that moment. Things would arrive to me as if by sheer magic! I was lead to a medical Institute in Mexico named Sanoviv. Miraculously, they have a method for shrinking tumors like mine through natural means. This would make the removal of the tumor far less dangerous. I was put on a very strict diet of organic food, pure water and no sugar. Also I was given high amounts of oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber for hours a day, electrical stimulation and it was also recommended that I exercise and use the sauna a lot to increase my body temperature. Once the doctors felt I was ready for surgery, the tumor and the kidney were successfully removed with absolutely no spreading of the cancer. I was then given a vaccine that was made from the contents of my tumor that killed any remaining cancer cells in my body. It also made me immune to ever getting this form of cancer again. After the surgery I was in excellent shape!I took a shower 12 hours after the surgery and was back to eating my organic diet. I stayed on for several more weeks in order to ‘de-stress’ my remaining left kidney. I arrived back home in a little less than six weeks with no pain, discomfort or stress and was able to slip back into my work and my life as a teacher, an Alexander Practitioner and an opera singer.”

Gary goes even more in-depth in his book Bliss: One Hero’s Journey. Also read more about Gary at his website,

EDITOR’S NOTE: As of October 2020, Gary is thriving post-diagnosis. His update:

Since my diagnosis in August of 2015, I have experienced no relapses nor related diagnoses in the past 4 years and 7 months. Nor have I been ill during that entire period of time. Since my return, I continue to follow my regiment of healthy eating, exercise and good mental hygiene. I have grown even more resolute in my belief that all disease and illness begin from internal causes and are not created by external ones. Although the outer circumstances may clearly appear to be the cause of the resulting disease, illness or ailment; it is the dis-ease of the body, mind and spirit that allows the chaos of disease to make an entrance. My advice to people is that the key to health, wholeness and happiness lies within. Since publishing my book, Bliss: One Hero’s Journey in 2018 I have now helped many people to embrace their own heroic journey! We are all here to grow, learn and to become whole. Nothing we encounter on this journey has come to harm us, but rather to help guide us toward our greater good.

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