In January 2015, Andrea was diagnosed with clear cell ovarian carcinoma. She refused chemotherapy and decided instead to fast and make radical diet changes. Andrea then went to the inpatient clinic, Klinik Marinus in Brannenburg, Germany. Andrea now shows no evidence of disease. This is her story in her own words:

“I was diagnosed with clear cell ovarian carcinoma in January 2015, following a radical hysterectomy.  The surgeon/oncologist recommended three months of chemotherapy, which I refused.  I spent six weeks fasting and making radical diet changes before my inpatient stay at Klinik Marinus in Brannenburg, Germany.  Two days after I arrived at the clinic, my blood tests showed no cancer.  I remain cancer free and enjoy excellent health and abundant energy.  I instinctively used all nine radical remission healing factors before I knew about Dr. Kelly or the Radical Remission Project. The factors quickly became my new normal, and I have never looked back. During the first, trauma-filled weeks after my diagnosis, I learned to be my own advocate, do my own research, and stand alone when necessary.  My healing experience at Klinik Marinus was one of the most significant and profound experiences of my life.

Healing physically from a radical hysterectomy was remarkably easy for me. Despite post-operative complications, I recovered fast once I got out of the hospital. Recovering from the emotional trauma that a cancer diagnosis causes was a lot more daunting and painful.  Once I arrived in Germany, things began to change dramatically.  Dr. Weber and the staff at Klinik Marinus treat every patient as if they are the only patient in the klinik, very unlike traditional American medicine. It wasn’t until I got to Germany that a doctor reviewed my pathology report with me. The surgeon who operated on me did not do this and a report wasn’t given to me when I left his office. Being so poorly informed about my health was traumatic and damaging.

The day of my diagnosis, my office visit took no more than 20 minutes.  Half of that time was spent removing surgical staples and the other half (ten minutes) was spent telling me I had cancer and recommending chemo. The chemo would take place in a city near my home, which was three hours from the surgeon’s office. I signed papers I was too distraught to read or understand, and the last thing the doctor said to me was “See you again in three months”.

In contrast, my German doctor encouraged me every time we met, and went out of his way to keep me informed about blood test results.  He was the first doctor to review the pathology report with me and it was in Germany that I learned that 19 lymph nodes had been removed and that I was dangerously anemic, too.   His assurance and commitment, even after I returned to the States, was invaluable.  I was not a statistic or a collection of symptoms to Dr. Weber. I was a person who mattered and deserved his time and attention. He made it his goal to make me laugh as often as possible because he knew this was an important part of recovery.

I believe that following my intuition directed me to Germany and saved my life. The support, information and treatment I received from the staff at Klinik Marinus are what ultimately healed my body, mind and spirit. That experience and my holistic lifestyle centered around the 9 healing factors of radical remission are what keep me healed now.”

UPDATE: As of September 2019, Andrea is thriving post-diagnosis.

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