In March of 2013, Tlanka had a seizure at her desk at work. Then, she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. After trying a variety of conventional treatments, Tlnaka decided it wasn’t for her, and took the matter into her own hands. She has been cancer free since 2016. 

Here is her story in her own words:

“I had a seizure at work at my desk on March 27, so I was taken by ambulance to the downtown Hospital. I totally do not remember, I started chemo immediately and one drug and then another truck was at it and then that wasn’t working so we did another drug, and then we added another drug that drug didn’t work, so [after that they had] approved another drug, so we did that drug, then we had another drug. We did numerous cocktails until we finally got to Taxotere- I completed two lines of treatment with this and it practically killed me. I was sick, sick, sick, and I have decided if I was going to have to go through it again I was going to choose not to, however at that time immunotherapy was just becoming popular, and the FDA approved Opdivo, which was my miracle drug

I had started attending college to get my bachelors had an online school in January 2013, and after I had the seizure in March I continued with school. I really believe that that helped my brain recover from gamma knife surgery in April 2013. As of today, I continue to have MRIs every four months and they continue to show zero tumors and only one area with scar tissue. CT of my lungs continue to show scar tissue on my lung. My daughter had her second baby in July 2013 and she also went back to school to get a nursing degree so I watched her two children, my grandchildren, ages two and newborn. Being needed and loved and also exerting my brain helped me in my opinion.”

Tlanka attributes her lung cancer to her smoking habits. She says “I was a big smoker, so not a big surprise.”

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