In 2010, Kayaksal was diagnosed with cervical cancer. After having a hysterectomy, she continued on with life as normal until December 2015, when she found out she had pelvic cancer.

After receiving some conventional treatment, Kayaksal decided to take control of her health with a diet change, herbs & supplements, and following her intuition. Here is her story in her own words:

I was first diagnosed in Dec 2010 with A1A cervical cancer. I had an operation for full Radical Hysterectomy in February 2011. Went on with life as normal. Started bleeding in September 2015, biopsy December 2015, now found out I had pelvic cancer, given treatment regimen in February 2016. Started treatment of 40 sessions radiation with corresponding chemotherapy, April 2016. July Cancer had metastasized to the collarbone lymph gland. Waiting to see if it would go to either Lungs or Liver, where it is supposed to go.

While undergoing treatment, I was drinking Moringa tea. Even the Oncologist said my energy level and blood levels were so good, she actually gave me 2 more treatments of Chemo (thank you). Knowing you don’t have long to live, gives you a new sense of freedom, in a way, at least you don’t have to worry about how you are going to die, or when. So it is time to get life in order. First, the bucket list, went to visit friends in France (had always wanted to go there). A really good friend I stayed with also had had Cancer (badly), but put her miracle recovery down to Moringa. So, I started on Moringa tablets, 3 every day. I then went back home to start sorting my life out, and another friend, who had Lympomeda gave me a book by Bill Henderson = Cancer-Free. I didn’t read it all, but the parts she had pointed out made sense to me. If you have a clean and healthy body, then your immune system has a chance to rebuild and fight cancer cells. Mrs. Budwig, smoothie, and diet appealed and make sense, so started on that. Basically changed my whole diet to becoming a vegan, and religiously having the smoothie with flaxseed oil. I was living in the Caribbean at this time and finding it really difficult to get supplies, but at least had real organic veg, although not much of it. All the way through this I have been taking 3/4 Moringa tablets, 2 turmeric, 2 gotu cola, sour sop juice and sour sop leaf tea daily. I came back to the UK and Doctor, had a CT Scan in March and was told by her on 20th April, that the cancer has been resolved. Non can be found. Well, my life has started again and I just want to shout to the world, how changing diet, Moringa and Soursop can really work.

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