When Ragne Kaupang was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer in 2018, she was taken aback by the seriousness of her illness. But her doctor’s lack of hope was what shocked her most. After trying conventional medical treatment she spent time finding “her voice” and healed using only non-conventional treatments.

Here’s Ragne’s story in her own words:

I was in total shock and disbelief. I was aware that I had a very serious illness, but the doctors took all hope from me which came as a shock. It felt like abuse in the name of the law and I felt like I was being deprived of my life.

I spent time finding “my voice” in the time that followed. I was very much alone, rested a lot, listened to good music, and sought God’s presence and prayer. I had previously wanted to change my diet, but I had been so sick from harsh treatments, that I had no surplus. I began cutting out sugar, carbohydrates, and dairy products. Later in the summer of 2019, I came in contact with someone who was skilled in Natural Medicine. He has since followed me closely. He put me on a strict diet, equivalent to a ketogenic diet. In addition to the measures I had already started with, I also had to cut out fruit sugar, and most protein-rich foods. Then I started to eat more protein like pure meat and fish, preferably organic. I ate large amounts of vegetables, as well as nuts, butter, and some eggs. I was put on large doses of vitamins, herbs, and various minerals. At most, I took 40 different supplements a day. It’s about creating the conditions to build a good immune system. An important thing to note was that it had a taxing effect so that the liver and kidneys functioned better, and in that way, the body’s internal “garbage system” functioned better. The supplements I received were put together based on how my blood looked in the microscope after the checks, and how my general state of health was.

Three months after discharge, I went to my first check-up at the hospital. Now the CT images showed that the spreading tumor had been halved and also had a lymph node. The doctors still had no treatment to offer me, but I was happy.  I was now encouraged and motivated to continue with my diet. Gradually, the spreading tumor became smaller throughout the year. In the spring of 2020, MRI images showed that the tumor had gone into remission. The doctors could not believe it. The conditions were now perfectly suited for internal radiation of the tumor in the cervix. Shortly after, I was put on 4th internal radiation treatment. At the next check-up in summer 2020, this tumor had also gone into remission. I was now cancer-free and the doctor at the checkup called me “one in a million.” Since taking control of my diet, I have been completely healthy, with no signs of cancer in the body!

We chose to never take hope from our children. I was also very careful with whom I shared tough messages with. There were only a few who knew about the gloomy prediction that the doctors had given me. I did not want it to be the truth and have people whisper about it behind my back. I think the power of words matters a lot. Furthermore, there were many who prayed for me. During prayer, I was also promised that I would be completely healed. A year later that was exactly what happened!

I still have a diet, not as strict, but stay away from refined sugar, dairy products, and fast carbs.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Ragne is thriving as of May 2022. You may can keep up with the latest from Ragne on her RadicalRemission.com profile page.
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