Radical Remissions don’t only happen with cancer. Lindsay Beane shares with us the Radical Remission story of her son, who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) in 1993 when he was only eight months old. After the doctors said her son had a very small chance of living past the age of 30, she made the radical choice to add alternative healing methods to his conventional treatments. Now, 24 years later, she’s the mother of a healthy, active son who rarely shows CF symptoms. Read her story first-hand here:

“My son was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF) at 8 months of age in 1993. He was a very sick little baby. We were told by the CF specialist that he would be sick all his life, he would start to seriously decline by age 10 and, after years of suffering, he would die before reaching age 29 (the average life expectancy for CF at that time).

In my desperation to save my son’s life, I added alternative healing to his treatment plan in addition to conventional medicine. I was very lucky to find seasoned professionals of 5 different alternative healing approaches. Before he was a year old, he started receiving regular acupuncture treatment, went on a daily regimen of nutritional supplements, took individualized herbal tonics, received osteopathic treatments, and took various homeopathic remedies.

By age 4, many of my son’s CF symptoms had gone away entirely and he was in terrific health! Today, [March 2017], my son is 24 years old, 6 feet tall/180 pounds, completing a year in AmeriCorps in California, and applying to graduate school to study Ethics. He still manifests mild CF symptoms, but he is generally in excellent health! His CF doesn’t stop him from engaging in any activity, including recreational basketball and solo travels last year in South America. The doctors at Hopkins are stunned by his recovery and sustained good health, and now consider him an outlier among their young adult CF patients (unfortunately, they show zero interest in the alternative healing approaches).


I realized early on that CF compromised my son’s ability to digest food and metabolize nutrients, and that this impact would also negatively impact his respiratory, immune, and other systems. Thus, we gave him a spectrum of daily nutritional supplements and herbal tonics. Homeopathic remedies were prescribed to alleviate specific GI and other symptoms. I also hoped to strengthen his innate constitution through acupuncture and osteopathy to help his body combat the full-body assault of CF. My son’s healing response to each of these approaches was extraordinary and is documented in my recently completed memoir, “Embracing The Dragon: Using Alternative Healing To Reclaim Hope.” See my website (www.LindsayBeane.com) for excerpts.”

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