After being diagnosed in 1966 with Multiple Sclerosis, Mary decided to look for non-traditional forms of treatment. After increasing positive emotions, listening to her intuition, and seeking creativity daily, her neurologists could find no trace of scarring or MS. This is her story in her own words.

“Over fifty years ago, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The diagnosis was an answer to five years of unexplained, episodic systems of weakness, numbness and paralysis, muscular and nerve spasms, headaches, blurred vision and blurred speech. I rejected treatment and support after listening to my intuition that prompted me to find my way back to health by doing a new and different creative activity each day.

When I was at my lowest point, with paralysis in my leg and arm, I could only rest. I think during that time of quiet I resolved many personal issues and in hindsight was meditating on some level. My intuition told me strongly not to place credence on the diagnosis and followed up with ‘do something creative’ each day, which I did faithfully. The following year I was completely free of all symptoms.”

[One year later] her neurologists could find no trace of scarring or any symptoms of MS. Following my recovery, I have had very few health issues in my life. Now, at 79, I’m reasonably fit and definitely well.

[Regarding what may have caused the M.S, it may have been] unresolved grief for the loss of my husband, childhood trauma from World War II, and/or sheer exhaustion from looking after two infant children.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: As of September 2019 Mary is thriving post-diagnosis.

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