Birth Year 1965
Gender Female
Country United Kingdom
Please summarize your healing story in 100 words or less After a mastectomy for an oestrogen-positive lump which was so large and infiltrative, I turned down further conventional treatment, despite huge pressure from the medics. I didn't even meet the Oncologist. I was already reading all kinds of books on healing from cancer, encompassing supporting the mind and the body through diet and detoxification (my cancer I am absolutely sure was due to mental and emotional stressors), supplementation and exercise. On mammography and ultrasound there appears to be no further cause for concern one year following diagnosis and surgery.
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Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of Breast, Stage 3 - spread to 3 lymph nodes - Oestrogen Positive

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I first tried some conventional treatment (e.g., surgery), and my doctor wanted me to have additional treatment (e.g., chemotherapy), but I declined the additional treatment. Instead, I decided to use other healing techniques, and now I am well.

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Biopsy or Pathology Report


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Check any of the 9 Radical Remission factors you've tried:

Diet Change, Herbs & Supplements, Increasing Positive Emotions, Releasing Suppressed Emotions, Following Your Intuition, Deepening Your Spiritual Connection, Finding Strong Reasons for Living, Taking Control of Your Health

Check any other alternative treatments you've tried:

Colonics, Energy Healing (e.g., acupuncture, reiki, kinesiology, etc), Exercise, Hyperthermia, Massage, Sleep (getting more of it)


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Underwent mastectomy, lump was over 6cm and had spread to lymph glands.

Surgeon wanted me to have radiotherapy and chemotherapy but I opted for neither; I didn't meet the Oncologist, despite quite heavy pressure.

Radiotherapy for breast cancer directly caused my sister to get leukaemia (she's in complete remission now) and I had read quite a bit about chemo and alternative treatments by the time of my operation, so elected not to undergo anything which would kill off my immune system, but would instead support it.

Please tell us your healing story in as much detail as you would like:

Diagnosed 2013 with 6.8cm invasive ductal carcinoma (Stg. 3, Oes+): Mastectomy op.

It's now 2021, and I'm eight years cancer-free and feeling like a very different person to the one I was when I was diagnosed. I feel very much in tune with myself, with my feelings, my instincts and live life from a different, entirely positive perspective. I'm careful to stay in a mental place where I am essentially happy and grounded. I don't let others influence my opinions, and I feel at peace with the decisions I make. I believe all these things are very much a part of who I became as the result of my experience with cancer and, more pertinently, the road to my recovery and the processes I followed.

My cancer story is as follows:

I am medically trained and so elected to undergo surgery. However, radiotherapy can cause lung cancer/lead to skin cancer, and there has been shown to be a direct link between radiotherapy for treatment of breast cancer and leukaemia (I've read the medical research papers about it). Chemotherapy can shrink tumours, but it poisons the body and knocks off the immune system completely, and more importantly it cannot kill cancer stem cells. This is why cancer can come back despite chemotherapy. Interestingly, also, some oncologists turn to alternative medicine when they or their family are diagnosed with cancer, because they know their own field will not guarantee recovery ( / Raymond Francis MSc "Never Fear Cancer Again").

The first thing I must stress is that your mental approach is absolutely KEY to recovery. I surrounded myself only with positive people, who care about and love me, and stopped seeing anyone who engendered negativity in me. For this reason, I was also careful about the way information was passed on about me and my circumstances. I always radiated extremely positive energy about my situation and my expected outcome. I felt this protected me from other people's possible negative responses and concerns.

Healing is about supporting the body and the mind, and finding spiritual peace - whatever that might mean to you.

You can learn to adopt a positive mental attitude and focus on health rather than illness (The Secret, Rhonda Byrne). Always look forward and visualise perfect health, both inside the body and in your future life.


1. Cut out SUGAR and DAIRY immediately: SUGAR promotes cancer cell division, is toxic and causes all manner of illnesses. It's been described as "like throwing oil on a burning fire" in relation to cancerous cells. Non-organic DAIRY contains IFG1 - a growth factor - added unnaturally by non-organic dairy farmers. This is done to rapidly and artificially grow calves for market. As you can imagine, it does the same to cancer cells in the human body. I am really strict in what I eat at home to compensate for whatever I might eat in the way of dairy in prepared foods when out socially.

- Limit/cut out WHEAT (see My stomach flattened practically overnight, my IBS disappeared, and eating a largely vegetarian diet has made me look and feel glowing. Remember, add grains for energy.

IF I WERE EVER TO GET A NEGATIVE DIAGNOSIS DUE TO THIS REASON AGAIN...what would I do? Continue doing everything I do. Oxygenate more. Undergo intravenous Vitamin C therapy (Σ2,500) and iv Ozone therapy (Σ2,500); take Haelan.

And what are the things I am going to be looking into now, to increase my chances of continuing in future health? Continuing with healthy eating (cutting out meat, sugar in the form of anything sweet and especially wine, dairy and wheat). I will be following up having thermography, avoiding mammography (less invasive monitoring). And I plan to read as many positive, life-affirming books and websites as possible. Most of all, I will be maintaining a positive mindset and being grateful for having an amazing life. I will continue to trust my own instincts, build in time to be completely still and quiet (meditation), spend time doing all the things I love and not doing anything I don't want to do, and be open to learning new things.


"Mum's Not Having Chemo" ( by Laura Bond. Laura's website and book have been completely instrumental in following my own instincts with regard to treatment. They are packed full of positive health information and tips, professional sources of follow-up and research, inspiring stories and based on Gemma Bond's ("Mum") journey from a diagnosis of uterine and ovarian cancer to complete remission.

Pro-Active Healthcare / (Ireland-based). I source the following from them:

- DIM (promotes the healthy absorption of oestrogen. There are two pathways for oestrogen in the body - the 16-hydroxy pathway is healthy, the 2-hydroxy pathway is not. DIM uses the 16-hydroxy pathway to process oestrogen. (One DIM tablet is equivalent to eating two pounds of raw green vegetables daily).

- Rejuvenate or Fulvic Acid

- Lypospheric Vitamin C (crucially, this goes straight to the liver, because this form of delivery bypasses the stomach and travels to the liver where toxins accumulate. Intravenous Vitamin C has been shown to cure cancer; lypospheric Vitamin C is a potent substitute if you are not being given it intravenously.

- Etheric Delivery Glutathione

- Alkalising Water Jug and Water Filters (it is now commonly known an alkaline balance in the body combats the inflammation which can cause cancerous conditions in the body. The alkalising filter eliminates heavy metals, chlorine and fluoride from tap water). - AMALGAM FILLING REMOVAL / ROOT CANAL REMOVAL. A link has been found between the meridian in which root canals have been placed and where breast cancer is found. I had mine removed in London (Harley Street), using special equipment which blocks the mercury from re-entering the body. Additionally, this website is packed full of information and is a major source of easy reference on cancer and how to support regaining health through many researched and tested methods.

INFRA-RED SAUNA - Hyperthermia removes toxins through sweat. However, it's important to know that heating the body has long been known to promote healing. Interestingly, I felt very cold all the time prior to when my diagnosis was made.

COLD-PRESS JUICER - I juice mainly green and root vegetables daily for fresh easy-to-digest enzymes. It is best to add only an apple to sweeten the juice; other fruits apparently have more of a negative impact on the enzymes.

REBOUNDER - (Urban Rebounder). The rebounder ensures lymph gets transported around the body and doesn't stay static in the armpits or chest area. This is important for post-operative mastectomy patients. They have a frame you can hold onto whilst you're getting used to rebounding and their exercise programmes are fun as well as effective.

YOGA - Tara Lee's DVD. Yoga is THE way to flatten your stomach, tone and stretch the body, fill you with a sense of well-being, and learning to breathe properly and deeply to oxygenate the body.

OXYGEN - Oxygenating the body is imperative, as cancer cannot thrive in an oxygenated body

Daily Supplements:

- IP-6 (works three ways against cancer)

- Lactoferrin

- Curcumin (chief component of turmeric, which is becoming increasingly known for its cancer-fighting properties)

Fish Oils/Omega Oils (cancer sufferers have been shown to be lacking in these)

Transdermal Magnesium Chloride

Essiac Tea

Mushroom Extract

Vitamin D3 (I take 10,000iu daily)

OptiZinc Methionine (good biological uptake)

Ocean's Alive "Life Energy"

High Five or High Six Vitamin B-Complex



Multivtamin and Minerals (mineral deficiencies have been credited with causing every disease)

Co-Enzyme Q10

Antioxidant (containing Acai Berries and Flax Seed Oil)

Buying a Dehydrator

Sodium Bicarbonate (must be aluminium-free) - oxygenates

Hydrogen Peroxide: in the bath - 35%, a few drips in water (3%) - oxygenates

Epsom Salts (in the bath, they have been found to lessen the impact of heavy metals in the water)

Walking in nature: walking in the woods, by the sea, walking generally oxygenates the body, as well as calming the mind and creating an opportunity to be alone with your thoughts. I have found this to be really beneficial.

Rife Machine (energy waves - claims to knock off bacteria, eliminate toxins, sends out magnetic frequencies which are healing, you can find a list of frequencies online quite easily).

The one thing I have learned from all my research, reading and suppliers, etc. is that, because there are never any government-funded trials held on alternative medicine, it is impossible to really prove what system works, and we are all, of course, individuals for whom some things may work and some things not. There are professionals who can guide you (see Laura Bond's book, "Mum's Not Having chemo" for these, and but I have taken on my own research and health care, and listened to my own instincts on what I do and don't wish to incorporate into my 'healing system'.



Rhonda Byrne: The Secret (also the DVD is excellent) / Laura Bond's "Mum's Not Having Chemo" / Raymond Francis MSc's "Never Fear Cancer Again" / Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life" / Linda Christina Beauregard "I Gave Myself Cancer, I Can Take It Away" / Patti Digh: "Life is a Verb" / Pam Grout: "E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality" / Jason Vale's "The Juice Master: Turbo Charge Your Life in 14 Days" (this is about a healthy positive attitude, not just about juice recipes) / Amber Shea Crawley: Practically Raw

2015: (2 1/4 year update) I have continued to find highly inspiring books, methods to increase my wellbeing and health and seen a counsellor trained by Brandon Bays' team (The Journey) which I believe has been a key factor in leaving the past behind and continuing the healing process. I have made myself a "sanctuary" at home (my son flew the nest and his room has been transformed into a soothing, relaxing place of rest and calm, for yoga, reading, meditation, sleep and rebounding).

I use music for its uplifting effects, and I am ultra careful about products (Lush make the most excellent moisturiser I've ever used, totally natural) and all natural sun protection cream I've made from an online recipe: red raspberry oil/carrot oil (30-50 SPF!!) coconut oil/shea butter/beeswax.

My approach has changed. I now no longer feel panicked and nervous, I feel calmer and in control of my health and wellbeing. I totally credit this with the books I read (particularly when having my coffee enema, which requires calm and when a meditative approach is possible): Anything by Dr Wayne Dyer (he's totally inspirational): You'll See It When You Believe It; Wishes Fulfilled; Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: The Power of Intention. Louise Hay/Ahlea Khadro/Heather Dane's: Loving Yourself to Great Health; Bruce Lipton PhD's The Biology of Belief (explains scientifically how the Law of Attraction works!); Anita Moorjani's Dying To Be Me (I was worried about reading something about dying but this is truly inspirational and not at all doom and gloom!); and Jack Canfield & Gay Hendricks' You've Got to Read This Book! (55 inspirational stories about books which have inspired the authors, most of whom are well-known and/or multimillionaires); I also read I Quit Sugar (Sarah Wilson) and Key To Yourself (Venice Bloodworth).

I believe good sleep is key, and I use a Rife Machine whilst I sleep every 2-3 days (all kinds of programmes, relaxation, lymph clearance, not just 'anti-cancer' channels).

I buy from Wholefood stores, organic ranges in country stores, and eat as much raw food as I can; my diet is 80% 'good choices' and up to 20% 'bad' (dessert, chocolate, wine). To achieve this, I am very strict with my diet at home, and mainly only 'cheat' when I eat out.

GROUNDING: (Clinton Ober) Theory that we have lost touch with the earth (shoes, carpets, etc.). Walking, sitting, standing barefoot for half an hour a day (or sleeping grounded) significantly lessens inflammation - a key component of cancer in the body. If you take away one lesson from me, I'd like it to be this one.

FOOTNOTE - 2018: I am now five years post surgery, keeping very well, still doing all the above. I still read every inspirational book I can find, and support myself with books which lead to meditation and consideration of how I can add value to everything I do and increase my self-esteem. I have added in Anita Moorjani's new book"What If This is Heaven" and Gabrielle Bernstein's "The Universe Has Your Back", amongst others. There are online meditations available in the latter and on Louise Hay's website. The reason meditation is so important, I believe, is that I am now utterly convinced that my cancer journey began due to lack of self-esteem and self-belief, rooted in childhood experiences, and continued throughout my life and career path, which meant daily challenges on a major scale. I now have developed the self-confidence to deal with any situation and challenge in a very different way, and recognise that it is of MAJOR importance to retain your own energy, your own breathing space (my sanctuary helps with this) and challenge anything and anyone who tries to control me; basically, to stand up for myself and my sense of self-worth. For instance, I left a job which didn't work for me, and am now a writer.

Reading my own story as written here, five years down the line, I am amazed at the strength I have shown and I am heartened by the fact I still continue with my healing path in putting my emotional health first and supporting it with strong mental practices and a physical healing programme which, whilst not quite as rigorously controlled, is still carried out with a thoughtful positive attitude. I now buy from a farm where the meat and poultry is grass fed, or buy organic, and we shop in a farm shop stocked with organic produce, which is still my first go-to. I am doing my best to avoid dairy (read Jane Plant CBE's books) and still use my juicer with every type of green I can find. The Rife machine is still in good use though I now don't have what were once three-day enemas at home, so that my body could adapt back to a regular bowel habit (2-3 dried fruits maintain healthy daily regularity).

I hope my healing story has been inspirational to even one person. I have learned that making yourself happy is key to health, and that we, as women, have often gone through disempowering circumstances which are remembered by the body long after the event has happened. Living a life focused on your own happiness as much as others, and acting in your own interests first, is the key to happiness; and I don't expect to get any form of illness or disease because there is no place for anything in my life which isn't life-affirming, uplifting and gives me that thrilling sense of being alive.

UPDATE: As of April 2020 Cassie is thriving post-diagnosis. Her update:

I have experienced no relapse; and no additional diagnoses since that time. I am still using everything I have posted about, though to a slightly lesser degree – I make the supplements last longer by having them every other day; and I particularly recommend DIM for the oestrogen-positive diagnosis. The only other supplement I plan to take shortly is Serenity – a bio-identical form of progesterone – for menopause, which I have chosen after careful consideration; I would not be eligible for HRT, my GP assures me. I have chosen this alternative by listening to my gut, as always, and feel confident in my choice. I have read my story once or twice since posting, and am always surprised by how confident and driven I was, at the time. I am sure this approach was the catalyst for my recovery. I would add that seeing one of Brandon Bays’ practitioners – for healing of whatever negative emotions were responsible for my cancer taking hold – was one of the KEY sources for dealing with what started this journey. I had issues dating back to my childhood, which resurfaced through a family drama, and I remember the feeling of hopelessness which came over me, and that I felt like I had had my right to life taken away from me. It was in my own head, but due to how I had been led to feel about myself as a child, which came with me throughout my life into adulthood. I am just as sure that this was the source of getting a potentially fatal breast cancer in the first place; and that once I had addressed this issue, there was no need for my body to ‘go back there’ again. I am happy for you to use this example in your Workshop/slideshow, as it is crucial that everyone understands that not only lifestyle is responsible for cancer; and that, in fact, it is very much a biological response to an emotional trigger. Dealing with that emotional trigger has helped me to move on. Brandon Bays’ book explains how she overcame her own cancer. Reading books by previous sufferers who have healed themselves is also KEY to recovery, I would say.


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