Birth Year 1948
Gender Female
Country United States
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I tried conventional medical treatment, but it did not heal my condition, so then I used only non-conventional treatments, at which point I healed.

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Exploritory thoratic surgery revealed a lymphatic tumor attached to left lung, heart and main arteries the size of a grapefruit. Was considered unoperable.

Chemo - cytoxin, vincristine and pregnosone were originallly to be given for three years but stopped after two months having damaging effects - especially on my WBC,s. Radiation was started and continued five days a week for six months until I started to studder and then was stopped completely. A month after stopping radiation, my x-rays showed the tumor had shrunk to the size of a walnut, but I was told there was no further treatment available to me - except heavy duty chem to slow down growth if needed. I was discharged with a 'guarded' prognoses.

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More vegetables

More fruits

No or little gluten

No or few refined grains

No or few sugars

No or little meat

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Switched to vegetarian

80% raw, 20 % cooked. Three freshly made vegetable juices daily with huge amounts of salads, fruits and nuts. At dinner the addition of 1 lb. of cooked vegetables and 1 lb. yam or brown rice or beans.



Guided Imagery


Two months into treatment I was shown my most current x-ray with a new mass about three inches below the original tumor. The doc assured me that he and his staff were certain it was a new metastasis and that radiation needed to be started on that area the next day. I went home in a state of panic and immediately sat down a did a very detailed visualization of the destruction of the tumor until there was nothing left. At the hospital the next day, I was re-xrayed to get the measurements for the radiation machine and my doctor came into room looking shocked. He told me there was no mass to be found in the new X-ray.


Painting, Drawing, or other fine arts

I decided to work on a clay statue of the Hindu figure - Hanuman. Letter a dream I had suggested this was part of my healing resourses.

Dreams were also a part of my healing process - revealing information, suggesting things, reaffirming things, warning me of things.


I became a warrior - clearer, stronger, more single pointed. When fear came up - and it did - I learned to use it in ways that were beneficial.


It was more of developing an awareness of 'escapest thoughts' (death wishes) - and bringing them to consciousness to see what they were about and somehow defuse them.


I simply trusted my instincts and allowed them to guide and help me choose directions in certain situations.


I was already a meditator. During the intensity of the healing, I experienced some hightened energy through my body, and consciousness shifts - with some meditations, and from reading some books.


Very strong

I became aware that I harbored a lot of fear - and desire to escape - a kind of death wish - and so I cultivated and focused on why I wanted to be here and heal - and was gifted with a deepening experience of the magnificence of this whole creation - with all it's beauty and pain, and from that, felt a very strong sense of appreciation and more conscious will to live and that my will to live was much stronger then my will to die.


I had all the control for my decisions. In the beginning I went along with what the doctors suggested because it made sense. There were a few medical procedures I declined as I didn't want to go through for various reasons - i.e. pain, toxicity. Also I kept my parents in the background, not giving then all the information as I didn't want to have to deal with their fears and emotions at this time.


I lived in a spiritual community and had enormous help when needed. My parents were generous in helping me pay for my nutritional doctor and taking the pressure off financially.

Grace, grace and more grace. I have known other's who had done what I have done and given their all on as many levels as they could and did not survive their cancers. I assume on some level we do not understand it is probably all perfect and for reasons I don't completely understand, it was my path to heal and I was willing to do the work. This also led me to become a Nutritionist and pass on to others the great gift of knowledge, especially in regards to nutrition, that helped to save my own life.

Here is a video of my story: www.youtube.com/watch?v=naap01aRJGc

NOTE: As of May 2022, Dale is thriving post-diagnosis. Here is her update:

It's been 43 years since I was diagnosed with lymphoma. Feels like another lifetime. I remember after 6 years someone said to me, "How much longer are you going to need to be on this diet for?" I paused and then said, I am hoping at least another 60 years! Well I stuck to my commitment, which has become a normal way of life for me. Here I am 72 and still having my two vegetable juices a day, along with an abundance of other high nutrient wholesome foods. Of course, it is not just diet, as I also meditate, and engage in the healthiest life style I can. But having a body, there are always challenges. The old scar tissue from radiation has come back to haunt me a bit, creating some irritation in my lungs, which I am thankfully able to calm down. Our bodies age and become more and more vulnerable, but each challenge I try to meet with a wise view - looking into what the underlying cause might be and what needs to change that if possible. I am now taking a lot of nutritional supplements which I originally didn't need, as diet seemed to fulfill all that was required at first. I find I am more sensitive than most people, in regards to environment. Maintaining balanced health is not without its challenges. And I learn from these challenges, and then pass on that information to my clients to help support their health. I am grateful to be alive, I am grateful to support the health of others. I appreciate that what started out as a nightmare - having lymphoma at 27 year ago, was ultimately full of giftings, for myself and for many others. Wow!


I am in the 74th year and feeling good and very appreciative to be alive. It was 47 years ago that I had lymphoma and I have been well ever since.

Do you have any thoughts about what may have caused your health challenge in particular, or what causes it in general?

I spent a lot of time in a ceramics studio breathing in toxic powdered glazes. Also I worked in an art studio that was using a press that gave off toxic fumes 9 months before the cancer was discovered.


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