Birth Year 1965
Gender Female
Country United Kingdom
Please summarize your healing story in 100 words or less I was diagnosed with aggressive Stage 3a carcinoma of the cervix in December 2018. The tumour was 8cm large and 4 weeks later it was over 10cms. There was no spread except in a couple of lymph nodes. I undertook 6 sessions chemotherapy alongside 7 weeks radiotherapy as I had become dangerously anaemic with sudden weight loss. As an Energy Medicine Practitioner I knew I needed to take responsibility for the situation and resolve the underlying root cause disturbance in my energy field in order to fully heal. Supported by my husband, son and friends I immediately started daily energetic release work to dissolve deep seated unresolved emotional blocks. I faced my fears, forgave everyone including myself, and I started affirmations and visualisations alongside improvements to my diet. I also started to follow my heart. Within 4 weeks of this regime the tumour decreased by well over half which amazed my Consultant. I was told that conventional treatment continues to work for three months after having it. I continued my regime at home and after the 3 months a scan showed there was still a small amount of cancer. However, I felt I was on the right path so I declined what would have been a life-limiting operation. 2 months later my biopsy results were completely clear - I was totally well in just 7 months. I have since felt healthier, fitter, lighter and happier than ever before in my life. I only found and read Radical Remission in 2022 and was delighted to discover that everything we had researched and embraced was included in there. We now recommend the book to everyone to read, whether or not they have cancer.

Health Challenge

What is/was your primary health challenge?


Type of cancer


Highest stage of cancer


Year diagnosed


Current health status

No evidence of disease

Year you healed or became stable


Type of Healing

I used conventional and non-conventional treatments at the same time to overcome my challenge.

How was your health challenge diagnosed?

Biopsy or Pathology Report, Imaging (CT, PET, MRI, Mammogram, X-ray, etc)


Check any conventional treatments you've tried for your health challenge:

Chemotherapy, Radiation

Check any of the 10 Radical Remission factors you've tried:

Diet Change, Herbs & Supplements, Increasing Positive Emotions, Releasing Suppressed Emotions, Following Your Intuition, Deepening Your Spiritual Connection, Increasing Social Support, Finding Strong Reasons for Living, Taking Control of Your Health, Exercise/Movement

Check any other alternative treatments you've tried:

Energy Healing (e.g., acupuncture, reiki, kinesiology, etc), Massage


Briefly describe your diagnosis method and conventional treatments, including their timing. Did they help at all?

I was diagnosed via MRI, CT and PET scans plus a biopsy which 'suggests this is not HPV-related'. Conventional treatment started 4 weeks later - 6 sessions chemotherapy alongside 7 weeks radiotherapy (5 sessions per week).

Please tell us your healing story in as much detail as you would like:

I did not realise I was unwell as I was experiencing a challenging menopause and the symptoms are very similar.

Diet Change - when diagnosed I was very anaemic and had rapidly lost a significant amount of weight, however knowing about the link between sugar and cancer cell growth I refused to consume any foods whatsoever that contained sugar listed in the ingredients. Instead I ate organic, alkaline, low GI, fresh food (nothing processed) - eating the rainbow, plus daily juicing. Aspargarus soup for alkalinity, lots of oats, veg and seeds, some fruit and organic meat. I only drank lemon water and green matcha tea.

Herbs & Supplements – multi vitamins and minerals (more than the RDA), CBD Oil, apricot kernels as per my weight, turmeric, ginger, Goldenseal, fresh herbs on my food including Herb Robert, a herbal tincture, Aloe Vera, sprouting.

Increasing Positive Emotions – I focussed on the rest of my body that was well, I loved and appreciated it. Positive intentions, affirmations and visualisations. Tuning into the joy within me and started to live each day from my heart rather than from my head. I only focussed on improving my immune system – I never focussed on the cancer apart from connecting to it in a positive way to find out why I had manifested it.

Releasing Suppressed Emotions – see cause section below

Following Your Intuition – tuned into my body’s wisdom and my heart to decide my treatment plan down to all the detail. Followed my instincts and intuition as to what I needed to get well.

Deepening Your Spiritual Connection – forgiveness was a big part, especially myself for getting so ill. I faced my fear of death and found the love, peace and connection to all that is within me.

Increasing Social Support – asking for help, being vulnerable and allowing others to heal and support me. I owe them my life, particularly my husband who encouraged me every step of the way.

Finding Strong Reasons for Living – I went down a black hole of fear and clawed my way out using the technique of tuning into my heart to see what I needed to do to make myself happy, however small, and focussing on doing that. As I improved I started to write goals – one was to fly to Australia and I did that a year to the day I was diagnosed!

Taking Control of Your Health – I knew at a deep level I had manifested this for a reason and all I needed to do was to find the reason and dissolve it. Prioritising this put me in the driving seat of the situation and helped me follow my instincts despite what other professionals thought was best for me.

Exercise - gentle exercise at first and Pilates.

I also removed all toxins and stress. I had a daily crystal healing at home, plus regular massage, shiatsu and McTimony Chiropractic sessions, along with the energy release healing.

5 months after diagnosis I had a 'live' blood test done. I was adamantly told by the Doctor that I would have no white blood cells left due to the conventional treatment - two thirds were working. He was also adamant I would have inflammation in my blood - I had none. He then told me without drastic surgery or expensive alternative treatment I would not survive - well I have, and more than surviving I am thriving! I now refer to this period of my life not as 'when I was ill' but as 'when I got well'.

I continue with my well-being plan and feel great!

Do you have any thoughts about what may have caused your health challenge in particular, or what causes it in general?

For me it was self-manifested from the fear of getting cancer..

My Mum died from liver/bowel cancer only 10 days after diagnosis and this shock added to my fear. I then tried to live a healthy life in order 'to not get cancer' but realised I had been doing this out of fear which had then attracted what I did not want (what you resist persists..). So, after reading You Can Heal Your Life and embracing Louise Hay's philosophies, I changed my reason to live a healthy life to 'because I love myself' and feel this was significant to my recovery.

Also, I found that I had energetically taken on my Mum's cancer in order to subconsciously try and help her. The day I found and removed this energy block, which was very deeply suppressed, was the day I felt all my energy finally align into health and well-being and I knew 100% from that day on that I would be well - it felt like a miracle.

I also feel past stress and trauma was a big factor which I resolved through energy healing techniques of Soul Retrieval for shock trauma and Inner Child work for releasing developmental trauma and suppressed emotions.

For both myself and my clients the biggest common factor seems to be that we are the ones that are determined not to pass on trauma down the line to our children or onto others - we hold the trauma and toxic energy in until it eventually explodes inside of us as cancer..


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