Birth Year 1966
Gender Female
Country Chile
Please summarize your healing story in 100 words or less Late 2012 I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer with lung and liver metastasis....doctors said I had only 6 months of life and they would recommend me not to take any treatment because it would drag my energy and at the end of all it would not cure my cancer due to the advanced stage......I decided to fight....with all my energy, soul, knowledge and faith against this stupid disease......and here I am....against all statistics, forecasts and bets......I am here, alive, living my life and not that cancer.....I am cancer free and in total remission!!!! with God blessings always
Last Updated December 17, 2018

Health Challenge

What is/was your primary health challenge?


Type of cancer

Colon (colorectal, including anal cancer)

Can you be more specific?

tubulopapilar partially diferentiated adenocarcinoma rectosigmoid with mets in liver and lung

Highest stage of cancer


Year diagnosed


Current health status

No evidence of disease

Year you healed or became stable


Type of Healing

I used conventional and non-conventional treatments at the same time to overcome my challenge.

How was your health challenge diagnosed?

Biopsy or Pathology Report


Check any conventional treatments you've tried for your health challenge:

Chemotherapy, Surgery

Check any of the 9 Radical Remission factors you've tried:

Diet Change, Herbs & Supplements, Increasing Positive Emotions, Releasing Suppressed Emotions, Deepening Your Spiritual Connection

Check any other alternative treatments you've tried:

Energy Healing (e.g., acupuncture, reiki, kinesiology, etc), Exercise


Briefly describe your diagnosis method and conventional treatments, including their timing. Did they help at all?

In september 2012 I developed progressive asthenia and after 3 weeks rectal bleeding. Colonoscopy showed a semistenotic rectosigmoid tumoral lesion; biopsy revealed partially differentiated tubulopapilar Adenocarcinoma. Pet scan confirmed the rectosigmoid lesion with small regional lymphnodes and hepatic (left lobe) and pulmonary (left superior lobe) mets.

I underwent surgery in october 13, 2012 to remove main tumor and left liver met. Histology demonstrated a 6 x 5 cms ulcerated tumor with invasion up to the subserosal adipose tissue and a liver met consistent with Adenocarcinoma of the intestine.

Postoperatively I did well and in october 22 I was taken again to the operating room and the pulmonary nodule was removed and biopsy confirmed Adenocarcinoma compatible with colon origin. K ras was unmutated. Preoperative CEA was 28,5, post surgeries went down to 3,9 and then has always been normal.

Then, as I have presented with synchronic lung and liver met, chemotherapy with mFolfox 6 and Cetuximab was started. Since then I has developed intense and frequent mucocutaneous and gastrointestinal toxicity so they concluded that I had severe toxicity to 5 FU, probably because of enzymatic deficiency. They also concluded that gastrointestinal intolerance was caused by Oxaliplatin. Having been the treatment given with many dose reductions and drops off, they decided to go for treatment with Cetuximab and Irinotecan without 5 FU and Leucovorin. I completed eight cycles (last in july 2013), fortunately now without significant toxicity, just minimal coetaneous manifestations which favored our hypothesis of 5 FU and oxaliplatin intolerance. Pet scan in august showed no evidence of disease.

Again, they analyzed the possibility of stopping treatment vs continuing with some form of maintenance which led to try Panitumumab maintenance. It was given every 3 weeks in a 9mg/kg dosing. Grade 4 skin and mucosal toxicity prompted stopping treatment and the suggestion was to continue just with periodic follow up with clinical and lab evaluation plus alternative treatments

Please tell us your healing story in as much detail as you would like:

Late 2012 my husband and I started our annually health check-up as always....unfortunately this time he was diagnosed with kidney cancer and a week after I was diagnosed with colon cancer.....while he was at the hospice to undergo surgery and remove his right kidney I continued with more details exams just to realize my cancer was stage IV with lung and liver metastasis... After being diagnosed stage IV and after have been given 6 months of life I decide to fight against this stupid disease....I asked for second, third and fourth opinion till I found those doctors and people who were committed with my cure and not with my cancer.....the cure strategy was not easy at all....I was running against time.....I need to be very space for I underwent surgery and chemo but I also researched as much as I could about alternative things I could do to support the success of my battle.....then I changed my diet, I went back to yoga, I start practicing meditation, forced myself even to small exercises whenever I had energy, I strengthened my faith and researched about lots of foods that could help my body to get stronger and to kill those cancer cells....I now have the consciousness that my body is my temple and everything that I eat and put inside eat feed my cells and bacteria that I have in my I started being very selective with my nutrition and have always a list of anticancer foods together with me....I also changed the focus of my mind and rethought problems and what was really important in my life.... Life is is to be lived and loved....That's what I do....with God blessings always!!!!

Do you have any thoughts about what may have caused your health challenge in particular, or what causes it in general?

I guess in my case my challenges were generated by a very stressful professional life and the way I used to be so demand on my self. I guess In day by day challenges we forget what really matters. Healthy and loved ones. It is not that we take them for granted It is just that we believe they are a gift we own, and that they will always be there. After being diagnosed with stage IVB cancer I started seeing life and problems in a different way...but mainly I started thinking about my body, my thoughts and my priorities in a very different way. My body is my thoughts need to be positive and even when I cant be so positive my thoughts need to come from love and faith....and my priorities has nothing to do with material achievements that may prevent me to be with my loved ones. My balance in life has radically changed


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