Jane Who Starved Cancer

Birth Year 1964
Gender Female
Country United Kingdom
Please summarize your healing story in 100 words or less Diagnosed with secondary cervical cancer in 1999, I managed to keep it at bay with diet, intravenous vit C, herbs, supplements until 2003 when I developed laukaemia, secondary to the radiotherapy and chemotherapy I had received earlier. It was at this point that I had to go beyond the usual non-conventional approaches. I put together a cocktail of off label drugs that would 'starve' my cancer. Incredibly there is now a clinic in Harley Street studying a very similar combination to my own and getting some excellent results.
Last Updated September 7, 2018

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1994 Initial diagnosis cervical cancer. Surgery, chemo, followed by lots of radiotherapy.

1999 Secondary in lungs. Surgery and further six months of strong chemo. I begged for the dose to be lowered after three rounds, which it was. Dendritic vaccine trial. Possible partial response.

2003 Myelodysplasia leading to AML. No conventional treatment. Usually swiftly fatal. No further chemo or RT is recommended.I did not accept I was going to die, I was going to get married, have children somehow- either by surrogacy or adoption and survive.

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The initial diagnosis came at the age of 30, I had been going for regular cervical check ups but I became suspicious that I wasn't being investigated thoroughly enough despite obvious signs of spotting and weight loss. After I decided to see a private practitioner it was obvious that mistakes (or rather cover ups) had been made, I was diagnosed with cancer and operated on within days of the dagnosis. It had already spread to many lymph nodes and at the time I was told I had a diagnosis of stage 1b, which I'm afraid led me to believe it was still early, I denied that any spread to lymph nodes was a bad omen and firmly kept the idea that I would be fine. To add to my gloom, I watched my mother die of cancer just two years later. I was still only 32, unmarried and with no prospect of ever having children. I plunged into a huge depression.

One positive that came out of my mother's death and which I believe ultimately saved my life, was the scramble to find alternative treatments to save her. Even though it was too little too late for my mother I learnt valuable lessons about the state of the medical profession, how new drugs are tested and introduced and how complementary medicine was shunned as worthless. Yet I had picked up a lot of information through reading articles and what little I could find on the internet in the mid 90's about the importance of nutrition, stress, exercise and how glucose and IGF-1 fed cancer. I did not know more than that at this point, but it was enough to set me on a better path with my lifestyle, I began some fairly drastic changes and I strongly believe these delayed the progression of my disease.

And progress it did. Several years later and I found myself coughing up blood. I knew I had a risk of mets to the lungs and so I took myself to A and E (ER) where they confirmed I had a golf ball-sized tumour in my right lung. Instead of being devastated and at a loss at this point, bizarrely I felt empowered and given a new purpose in life. Somehow I knew it was my mission to find a solution.

I had trained as a physiotherapist, so reading medical articles was not impossible but interpreting the new medical lingo took some dedication to understand. It was overwhelming and confusing but I was determined to find some answers in the medical literature.

Meanwhile I did the usual- changed my diet, meditated daily, listened to hypnosis, had reflexology, spiritual healing, exercised more and had regular intravenous vitamin C. I also took a huge number of supplements that I read about in articles in the Townsend Letter and Life Extension amongst others. One tincture I began taking was called Mahonia Aquifolium which contained something called berberine and oxycanthine. This was not known by anyone but it is now seen as a very potent cancer-starving supplement, with effects on glucose that mirror those of the diabetic drug metformin.

The combination of the above had a fantastic effect on my markers and after a gruelling six months on chemo my markers were in normal range and no further tumours were detectable. But I knew I was not out of the woods. I continued my research and it was a further 4 years later when I began to have the most terrible night sweats and lethargy.

Various tests were performed (p53, TM2PK, MMP markers) and a blood test showed I had myelodysplasia, a bone marrow cancer that was a result of the chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

I knew this could quickly progress to AML and decided that whatever I had done up to this point had not been enough. Time to go for some big guns, I decided to add some off label drugs.

The first of these was dipyridamole, shamefully buried as an anticancer drug since the 1980s. It is now being slowly withdrawn from the market in a move by Boehringher Ingelheim that deserves legal action.

I managed to persuade my oncologist to prescribe further drugs that I had researched (this would be unlikely to happen these days) - lovastatin which was shown to stop progression in particular cancers and which was five times more effective at causing apoptosis when combined with a strong NSAID, Along with the supplements and intravenous vitamin C and a treatment called UBI- where they withdraw blood and pass it under an ultraviolet light and then inject the 'cleansed' blood back.

Seven months later and all my markers were normal and that was in 2003. I did let my hair down the following year, my diet went out of the window and I suffered the consequences, both my markers and my physical health deteriorated. Once again I took my cocktail of drugs and my markers plummeted back to normal.

Since 2004 I have had clear scans and no further cancer but I am constantly vigilant and I still take a small cocktail of the drugs intermittently.

I wrote my book 'How To Starve Cancer' in 2018 when I discovered the Care Oncology Clinic - I was thrilled to find a clinic offering patients a very similar cocktail to the one I had put together. The amount of research on these old forgotten drugs is mounting and a new revolution is underway! How and why these drugs work I have simplified in a 'Metro Map' to show how they block particular fuel lines to starve not just glucose but glutamine (protein) and fat too so that others can also work out what drugs and supplements might also work for them. Starving cancer gets rid of the stem cell and it is proving to be an excellent way to get rid of cancer without harming your healthy cells.

Final note- I did get married and I have two beautiful boys by surrogacy and I am grateful for every day.

EDITOR'S NOTE: As of October 2020, Jane is thriving post-diagnosis.


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