Birth Year 1958
Gender Female
Country United States
Please summarize your healing story in 100 words or less I have lived past my expiration date... twice. In October 2012, with tumors in my lungs, liver, lymph, crushing several vertebrae and my pelvis, I lost full use of my legs and one arm, and was given less than 2 months. I employed an intensive naturopathic regimen (including emotional/spiritual work) as well as chemo and radiation. Then they found 9 leptomeningeal tumors in my brain, a very dire prognosis of a few weeks. Western medicine had nothing for me and so I stepped up my naturopathic regime. I am now NED/NAD and I hike, ski, and scuba dive again. I am thriving and blog to help others.
Last Updated December 16, 2016

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Diagnosed in 2007 (DCIS), 2012 (Stage 4), and 2013 (brain mets). October, 2012 - Her 2+, Stage IV, mets to lungs, liver, lymph, crumbling spine and splitting pelvis, lost use of legs and arm, given less than 2 months to live. 1 year later, 9 leptomeningeal brain tumors, given weeks to live. Now NED/NAD, walking, skiing, scuba diving.

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I used conventional and non-conventional treatments at the same time to overcome my challenge.

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Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiation

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Diet Change, Herbs & Supplements, Increasing Positive Emotions, Releasing Suppressed Emotions, Deepening Your Spiritual Connection

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Energy Healing (e.g., acupuncture, reiki, kinesiology, etc), Exercise


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I most likely would not be alive if I had not blasted the cancer into oblivion with western medicine. But no doctor foresaw a possibility of my surviving, let alone walking again, and being NED. I credit my naturopathic regimen with sustaining me through the brutality of western treatments as well as being very effective at helping my body to heal itself and now to keep the cancer at bay. 4 of my 9 brain tumors disappeared with only naturopathic therapies. I also credit the emotional, mental, and spiritual work I did as well. Everything I did and do focusses on transforming my bioterrain to being hostile to, as opposed to being supportive of, cancer.

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My journey with breast cancer began in August 2007. After a roller coaster ride from hell, I thought it was over after 6 months. But 5 years later, it reared its ugly head with a frightening terminal diagnosis of Stage IV metastatic cancer. By 2012, tumors had crushed several vertebrae in my neck and spine and split my sacroiliac joint apart. I lost the use of my legs and one arm. I had lesions on my liver, lungs, and lymph nodes. With nothing to lose, I threw everything I could at healing. I employed a strict naturopathic regimen, received chemotherapy and radiation, and meditated on spiritual healing. I worked hard to rebuild joints and muscles and survive the cancer and toxic medicine. 13 months after diagnosis, most of my tumors were gone and I had regained 99% mobility. Although still considered terminal, I felt like I was going to live forever.

Then, Halloween of 2013, they found a rare and dangerous type of brain metastases with an average survival of 2.8 months after diagnosis. The tumors were inoperable, nor were they eligible for radiation, most chemotherapies couldnäó»t penetrate, and the blood-brain barrier prevented the targeted immunotherapy that had been keeping me alive from entering my brain to kill the cancer within. I had to get creative.

Iäó»m still aliveäó_ for nowäó_ and I am NED/NAD (No Evidence of Disease/No Active Disease) !!!!!

I am indebted to all healers who have helped me on my pathäó_ even those who, at first look, appeared negative and obstructionist. I learned from them as well.

I now blog to help others to take charge of their healing. www.whatididanddoandwhy.com I also blog to foster hope... www.imgonnaliveuntilidie.com Never give up hope!


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