Birth Year 1953
Gender Female
Country United States
Please summarize your healing story in 100 words or less Mine was an unusual case. I was the most unlikely Unlikely person to develop breast cancer. I developed a rare type of epilepsy going through menopause which was due to low estrogen. My doctor prescribe bioidentical hormones estrogento address the seizures. All the while I noticed a large lump was growing in my left breast that be again bigger and bigger. It had been miss diagnosed for four straight years! To my utter horror I learned that I had late-stage breast cancer after complaining about this lump for four straight years.I was taken to surgery in 4 days, my left breast and then in the next two weeks I had to have an implant in my chest for the port. I went through mastectomy and chemotherapy which were really rough.
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I knew about natural alternatives but I was facing off a serious cancer and I didn't know if using Gerson Therapy would really help. I didn't have the money to go to Mexico.Sometime after chemotherapy and radiation which I only took a few days off because I developed severe case of swelling of the left arm, later diagnosed as lympedema due to lymph node removal, I decided I would go vegan and start juicing. I would teach myself and I had begun taking the budwig diet does flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. I was already a vegetarian so I wasn't sure that going vegan with would make too much difference. All the while, my right hand after which I am right handed began to go numb. But sadly over the course of the next 6 months I lost all control of my right hand. Meantime I was still juicing and doing cancer alternatives. I began taking apricot seeds and tapered off the flaxseed oil once I found out that my estrogen went Sky High. Word of warning to you ladies that are using it. I had no recurrence in either breast, that I was missing a breast and I wasn't candidate for rebuild. I kept going learning more recipes and growing my own garden which I've always done and harvesting only organic vegetables for juicing salads and raw foods. I felt positive that I had beat cancer.. Meantime the right hand went numb to the point where I couldn't feel to type and then it went limp and I had to resign from my university teaching job. I kept going back to the doctors asking why my hand was not working this was a right hand I'm an artist and an author. Next thing you know I had severe stroke symptoms and landed in the ER. They were about to release me when the nurse from the dental office called,, ( divine intervention! ) and said remember that you had pains in your head do not leave without a head cT.the Diganosis Devasting a brain tumor due to breast cancer! I found out that I had a brain tumor and it was a metastatic brain tumor of breast cancer. I waited a year almost and the doctors never bothered to scan or search for what was wrong with my right hand. Then I had to have face off brain surgery and possible disability, terminal illness, the rest of my life and the not knowing whether they would get all the cancer in the brain.

Please tell us your healing story in as much detail as you would like:

After the discovery of the brain tumor I really tapped into a spiritual strength. I decided to face it squarely knowing that my mortality was looming and that I would determine in advance that I would live. I had an excellent brain surgeon and he removed most but not all of the tumor though he told me he got it all. It was a very difficult and dark process. When I left the hospital I could barely walk and I can barely talk. I could not use my right hand to write with. After months of physical therapy I was discouraged to learn that the cancer was still there. So I learned from my oncologist that no matter what the treatment is in the blood there is a brain blood it prevents the alternative for the traditional chemotherapy from entering the brain. I would have to seek some of their form of treatment to address the cancer that was still there. I was angry- betrayed by the mdical system I could feel the cancer it as a sharp shooting pain on my left side.I have been put on steroids to address the swelling of the brain which cost me to stay up most of the night. I didn't like being on them and I began using frankincense oil. I found that I could take her down teh steroids. I also had a lot of energy so I stayed up and found studies on That was a godsend because I found a study at Rush University where they were starting to do a limited form of radiation to the brain called stereotactic radiation. I was opposed to radiation but this is a very low dose. since the diet was not addressing the cancer because of the brain blood barrier I decided that this was my best chance at life. We, my husband and I took the train up from Springfield to Chicago and entered a new round of treatment at Rush University. The single treatment cost nearly $70,000 covered by insurance.. Later we got the bill for the 70,000 in that they paid. Meantime I went through four different visits and upon the fourth visit I learned that I was totally cancer-free I continued with my diet and herbal supplements including tumeric boswellia frankincense oil. I use a number of different essential oils. I also exercise daily yoga and do a prayer and meditation daily. I am a Reiki master and had others doing Reiki on me and I tuned into my inner guidance system- and prayer for internal blessings and support. I've become an expert on breast cancer and the Alternatives that you can use to prevent it including indole-3-carbinol, and many other estrogen blocking Foods. I presented programs on my radio program and locally to help other cancer patients educate themselves about the vegan diet juicing and supplementation. I have a Wellness Consulting practice today and I am 7 years out from this trauma living cancer-free. I do hypnosis and Reiki as Wellness Alternatives and additionally I mix my own oils for my clients. I use CBD hemp oil as well as a turmeric and boswellia compound and I love the fact that I've been able to beat cancer. My biggest problem seems to be that I'm disabled in the right hand and I find people don't accept either the epilepsy or the right hand disability as I'm awkward in walking and in my daily functions. Ive become an expert in helping other cancer patients and I offer Reiki locally, and natriaonally via skype to cancer patients as well as to my clients.

EDITOR'S NOTE: As of September 2019, Marcia is thriving post-diagnosis.

Do you have any thoughts about what may have caused your health challenge in particular, or what causes it in general?

My understanding of what caused my initial breast cancer was the use of prescribed bioidentical hormones. I expressed my concern and dislike of hormonal therapy to the neurologist who prescribed it. I even predicted that I would get breast cancer because my sister had it at the time. He ignored my concerns and convinced me that bioidentical hormones are safe. Is well proven that bioidentical despite what Suzanne Somers has to say is wrong and no one should take them nor should anyone be taking regular hormonal therapy after menopause. It's my mission to educate people about natural alternatives 2 tamoxifen Arimidex and also the body mind Spirit connection. I was always interested in Body Mind spirit and now Eva certified hypnotist as well as a Reiki master and I'm helping others and living my purpose and thankful for that but I would like to spare other women the diagnosis of a potential brain tumor by education. I find once I am retired I emotionally more content I had a very stressful job and that may have contributed as well.


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