Mary Atkins

Birth Year 1938
Gender Female
Country Australia
Please summarize your healing story in 100 words or less Over fifty years ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The diagnosis was an answer to five years of unexplained episodic symptoms of weakness, numbness and paralysis, muscular and nerve spasms, headaches, blurred vision and slurred speech. I rejected treatment and support after listening to my intuition that prompted me to find my way back to health by doing a new and different creative activity each day. The following year her neurologists could find no trace of scarring or any symptom of MS. Following my recovery I have had very health issues in my life – now at 79 reasonably fit and definitely well.
Last Updated August 30, 2019

Health Challenge

What is/was your primary health challenge?

Multiple Sclerosis

Can you be more specific?

5 years of MS Symptoms before diagnosis

Year diagnosed


Current health status

No evidence of disease

Year you healed or became stable


Type of Healing

I never used ANY conventional medical treatment and yet still healed.

How was your health challenge diagnosed?

neurological testing in 60's was limited to examination and review of medical history


Do you ever plan to try conventional medicine?

Yes, I'm definitely open to it

Check any of the 9 Radical Remission factors you've tried:

Increasing Positive Emotions, Releasing Suppressed Emotions, Following Your Intuition, Deepening Your Spiritual Connection, Increasing Social Support, Finding Strong Reasons for Living, Taking Control of Your Health

Check any other alternative treatments you've tried:

Sleep (getting more of it)


Briefly describe your diagnosis method and conventional treatments, including their timing. Did they help at all?

in the 60's the diagnosis was an examination by neurologist and review of your medical history. After the first diagnosis of MS I sought a second neurological opinion who agreed with diagnosis.

Please tell us your healing story in as much detail as you would like:

When I was at my lowest point, with paralysis in my leg and arm I could only rest. I think during that time of quiet I resolved many personal issues and on hindsight was meditating on some level. My intuition told me strongly not to place credence on the diagnosis and followed up with 'do something creative' each day which I did faithfully and the following year I was completely free of all symptoms.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As of October 2020 Mary is thriving post-diagnosis. Her update:

I am much more aware of diet, tend to eat less gluten and dairy but the healing methods I used half a century ago still are very much part of my lifestyle - practice of gratitude, creativity, quiet and stillness. Being in nature is ever more important to to me as I age - I think it is beneficial to have 30 minutes a day in the sun then sit in the shade and simply be at one with the beauty of nature.

I am missing the cruising speaker circuit at the moment because of COVID but my purpose is writing and book deadlines. I see even more during this time of uncertainty the importance of where you put your focus. Putting my focus on writing, family, and embracing nature. 50 years ago tthere was little known about MS and there was no internet to do research, which meant I was thrown on my own resources. My intuition. in my case it guided me each step of the way and the icing on the cake of intuitive messages was focusing on creativity. Simple but still stands to day. Focusing on what I loved was key in my recovery and still is key to my well-being today. You can read the full story in my book A Journey of Creative Healing available on Amazon.

Do you have any thoughts about what may have caused your health challenge in particular, or what causes it in general?

Yes - unresolved grief for loss of my husband, childhood trauma from WW1 and sheer exhaustion from looking after two infant children.


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