Upcoming Workshops

Healing Journey Virtual Workshop with Health Navigators: Liz Curran & Karla Mans Giroux
Sept 23 – Nov 4, 2021
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Introduction to Radical Remission with Andrea Sexton
Sept 28, 2021
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Radical Hope – 1 Evening Session with the Health Navigators: Liz Curran & Karla Mans Giroux
Sept 28, 2021
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Radical Hope – 1 Daytime session with the Health Navigators: Liz Curran & Karla Mans Giroux
Sept 30, 2021
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Implementing the 10 Healing Factors in Your Life with Andrea Sexton
Oct 1 – Nov 5, 2021
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Radical Remission Workshop with Mikah Simmons
Oct 4, 2021
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Radical Hope Book Club with Kristy Peterson & Mikah Simmons
Oct 7, 2021
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Intro to Radical Remission Workshop with the Health Navigators
Oct 14, 2021
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Intro to Radical Remission Workshop with the Health Navigators
Oct 16, 2021
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Radical Remission 10 Healing Factors Workshop with the Health Navigators
Thursdays: Oct 21 – Nov 18, 2021
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Radical Remission Healing Factors Workshop with the Health Navigators
Saturdays: Oct 23 – Dec 18, 2021
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2 Day Intensive Retreat for Healing with MPoWR House on Vilano Beach
Oct 23 – 25, 2021
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Healing Journey In-Person Workshop with the Health Navigators: Karla Mans Giroux
Oct 24/25, 2021
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Atelier de cinq séances virtuelles
Les Samedis: Oct 30 – Nov 27, 2021
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Radical Remission: A 2-Part Workshop (VIRTUAL) with Kathryn Doherty
Available through Omega Online Learning now through December 31, 2021
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Radical Remission Teachers

All Radical Remission Instructors have completed the Radical Remission Teacher Training and are certified to conduct 9-week, 3-day, and 2-day workshops. Use this page to find a Radical Remission Instructor to conduct a workshop in your area, or to find a workshop near you.

United States – West

Allison Brown - Seattle, Washington

 Allison is a lifelong educator and is delighted to be joining the Radical Remission team as a Certified Radical Remission Health Coach and Radical Remission Instructor.  Cancer has had a frequent presence in her life beginning with her mother’s illness and then her own diagnosis in 1999.  As a 3-time cancer survivor, she has been in remission for 10 years and was thrilled to discover Dr. Turner’s work which validated experiences in her healing journey.

Allison is committed to empowering those affected by cancer and helping them navigate the journey as an active participant in their healing.  She has a depth of experience gained through her exploration of conventional and complementary medicine as well as her work as a hospice volunteer.   Allison has a Masters in Teaching degree and is completing her ICF coaching certification.

Allison is an avid traveler, nature lover, photographer and curious soul.  She is forever grateful to her mother for showing her how to LIVE with her cancer.

Email Allison by clicking the ‘envelope’ symbol below or reach her at [email protected].

Cynthia Dano - Soap Lake, Washington

“Carpe Diem!” has always been Cynthia’s motto, but never more than after she heard the words, “You have late stage and a rare type of ovarian cancer” in 2014. Health and healing became her new job (which she termed Radical Self-Care) and in that voyage she was led to Dr. Kelly Turner and the Radical Remission Project. Dr. Turner’s research validated the steps that Cynthia had unwittingly used in her healing. It seemed like a fortuitous omen. 

She is a lover of life and adventure and has worn many hats-ballet dancer, actor/director, professional photographer, legal assistant, mother, wife, and owner of a wine bar/art gallery. After her diagnosis, the focus became to help others, especially in their cancer journey. She became a certified life/health coach ( or as she calls it… “a life [re] imagined coach”) in 2016 and Radical Remission Coach in 2018. She leads Mindfulness workshops and is a level one Reiki practitioner. 

In her spare time, she is a volunteer team leader for Global Volunteers and has led teams of volunteers to the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana, Cuba and to the Appalachians in West Virginia. She is Vice President of the Board of Columbia Basin Cancer Foundation, Moses Lake, WA. 

She is honored and excited to be a Radical Remission coach and workshop leader and helping others to incorporate the 10 healing factors into their lives. She is available for workshops in WA, OR, ID, MT and AZ. 

Email Cynthia by clicking the ‘envelope’ symbol below or reach her at [email protected].

Cynthia Handler - Half Moon Bay, California (San Francisco Bay Area)

Cindy is a family therapist, coach, counselor, & workshop leader.  She’s had the great pleasure of working within private, residential, educational, & corporate settings as her 25-year career has evolved and expanded.

As Regional Network Director for Six Seconds Global Emotional Intelligence Network, Cindy taught clients to cultivate their EQ to improve their relationships and discover their purpose.

In large and small workshops, Cindy trains groups in SEL, facilitates creative expression circles, and hosts integrative parenting classes.

In her private practice, Cindy supports people & families wanting to transform their lives after life altering events or diagnoses.

Cindy’s passion for synthesizing knowledge and experience across various disciplines allows for a very personalized approach to connecting with and assisting others in discovering their own empowered journey to optimal health and wholeness.

After receiving a brain tumor diagnosis in 2015, Cindy began practicing all 10 Factors in Dr. Kelly Turner’s book:  Radical Remission.  Cindy completed the Radical Remissions course in 2016 and in 2017 went on to train with Dr. Turner to become a RR Workshop Facilitator.  Today, Cindy is a Radical Remissions Survivor and certified Health and Wellness Coach, specializing in holistic nutrition, cultivating intuition, somatic awareness, and integrative oncology.

Email Cynthia by clicking the ‘envelope’ symbol below or reach her at [email protected].

Solange Klingensmith - Southern California

Solange (Sol) was born in Santiago, Chile and has lived in various Latin American countries; she is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English.
She began her career in Psychology, and when her four sons were born was motivated to study Education. She spent many years teaching in a classroom and raising her sons. When her last son went to college she went on a pilgrimage (the Camino de Santiago) in Spain. Her long walks in nature and the people she met ignited her instincts; she listened and founded “Cook to Heal – Health & Wellness Coaching,” a venture that helps individuals become empowered by knowledge in their healing journey.
She first encountered cancer when her then fiancée (age 24), was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma. He survived and is thriving in their 40-year marriage. They have both been diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancers.
Sol was introduced to the Radical Remission project by one of her clients. Dr. Turner’s book inspired Sol to take the Radical Remission Teacher Training and continue to provide the tools that people need to create their optimal wellness and feel empowered. The nine healing factors are healthy life-style alternatives relevant to all people. The factors speak of prevention, hope and the possibilities on how to prevail over many health challenges.
Sol is a Mayo Clinic Certified Health and Wellness Coach, a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, a Nutritionist, and the founder of Cook to Heal – Health & Wellness Coaching. Please visit http://www.cooktoheal.com/services/ for more information.

Email Solange by clicking the ‘envelope’ symbol below or reach her at [email protected].

Mikah Simmons – Salt Lake City, UT

Mikah began her healing journey in 2017, with implementation of the 10 factors of Radical Remission in 2019. She believes that the immune boosting, inflammation reducing lifestyle changes that she encountered while implementing the 10 factors have markedly decreased the symptoms of her chronic disease. Her goal is to introduce the concepts of Radical Remission to anyone on a healing or prevention path, regardless of their diagnosis.

Mikah had a 30 year career as a nurse before finding her way to a wellness coaching and health promotion practice. She served at the bedside throughout those 30 years, but along the way earned her Master’s degree in Nursing and became a nursing instructor. Providing patient advocacy and patient education were her strongest professional attributes. 

Mikah completed the Radical Remission Workshop Teacher Training at Omega Institute. She is also a Certified Wellness Coach, and Certified Radical Remission Coach. 

Mikah’s coaching vision statement: Together we will optimize the health of your body and mind with practice and implementation of the Radical Remission factors. The intention of our journey together will be to heal, decrease disease progression and boost immunity.

Mikah coaches both individuals and small groups virtually and in person. She facilitates workshops in Northeast Indiana and co-teaches with her Teacher Training comrades at a variety of locations in the U.S. She is also available for teaching workshops where she lives in Fort Wayne, IN.

You can learn more about Mikah on her website, https://www.voyage-wellness.com/

Email Mikah by clicking the ‘envelope’ symbol below or reach her at [email protected].

United States – East

Lindsay Beane - Baltimore, Maryland

Lindsay Beane, DrPH, is a public health expert who has worked in Baltimore’s impoverished neighborhoods for 25 years. Though she herself has never been diagnosed with cancer, she lost her mother to lung cancer and was also faced by her second son’s diagnosis with an incurable lung-GI disease called cystic fibrosis. Though he was only a baby, she started him on a regimen of acupuncture, osteopathic treatments, homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements, and herbal tonics. Over time, Lindsay watched intently as her son transitioned from a very sick baby into a lively boy and, today, a strong and healthy young man.

Because she valued alternative approaches, Lindsay was immediately drawn to Dr. Kelly Turner’s book (Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds) when it was published in 2014. She knew that the 10 healing factors described in the book would be of benefit to anyone, with or without cancer. In 2017, Lindsay was excited to complete Dr. Turner’s Radical Remission Teacher Training.

Lindsay is available to teach a 6-session “Radical Remission: 10 Healing Factors” Workshop for groups of 5 to 15, either in informal home settings or institutional settings (hospitals, primary care and wellness clinics, cancer treatment centers, senior citizen centers, churches, etc.). The Workshop fee is $149 per person, with a limited number of discounts available based on need. Lindsay will be happy to provide an Introductory Session (1 ½ hours and free of charge) for groups wishing to learn more before they commit to the cost of a full Workshop. She serves the Maryland-Delaware-Pennsylvania area.

You can read Lindsay’s Radical Remission HEALING STORY of the MONTH (March 2017) about her son here. You can also read her public health essays and excerpts from her soon-to-be-published memoir about her son’s journey, Embracing The Dragon, on her website: www.LindsayBeane.com.

Email Lindsay by clicking the ‘envelope’ symbol below or reach her at [email protected].

Pat Berger - Sidney Maine

Pat is so happy at this point in her life to have joined Radical Remission as a Teacher and as a Coach. For the past 21 years she has owned and operated “The Pond – a Pool of Wellness” located in Sidney ME. This is a Wellness Center focusing on Mind, Body, Spirit and what each person may need to fulfill their process to connecting to their deepest selves.

Pat has offered many forms of massage, yoga and breathwork. Her specialty has been her training w/Dr. Rosita Arvigo in Belize – allowing her to become a practitioner of Maya Abdominal Therapy which helps bring the body into homeostasis. She also has been trained by Dr. Rosita to teach and Educate through Self Care Classes and Retreats. This work has been her passion for the last 15 years.

When Pat received the diagnosis of cancer (CLL – Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) 6 years ago, she had another wake-up call, allowing her to even go deeper into her own healing. And what a blessing it was when Radical Remission entered her life. The Workshop and Training to become a teacher/coach has added so much for her thriving.

Email Pat by clicking the ‘envelope’ symbol below or reach her at [email protected].

Irina E. Bock, MD - Chester, New Jersey

Irina is an inspirational health and life coach who draws from her unique qualifications in conventional and non-conventional medicine, combined with her personal experience as a cancer patient and healer. She holds the hand of people going through significant health challenges and helps them find their footing, courage and their own clear path through the jungle of confusing options and hard decisions.

As a physician, trained in OB/GYN, Irina worked in Germany and the US (George Washington University). In addition to her roots in conventional medicine, she received an education in complementary medicine for physicians and is certified in different energy healing modalities.

Irina strongly believes that cancer – and other chronic diseases – can be healed and even be prevented by addressing and balancing out the whole person – mind, body and spirit. She feels when it comes to healing, keeping an open mind is important. Whatever brings results should be considered, and no method discounted. For Irina, integrating ‘Western’ and ‘Eastern’ medicine – tailored to each person – has the potential of achieving outcomes that are truly the “Best of Two Worlds”.

As a survivor of two BRCA cancers (melanoma and advanced breast cancer) and a mother of three, Irina knows first-hand what a cancer diagnosis means for a family, especially when it is related to an inherited gene mutation. Yet, Irina believes that no person is a victim of their genes or diagnosis. Her experience in integrative medicine and trust in energy healing helped her approach her own cancer with a positive mindset, strong faith and deep intuition. Drawing from both conventional as well as non-conventional options, she was able to achieve complete remission against all odds and has been cancer-free for seven years.

When Irina read Dr. Kelly Turner’s book ‘Radical Remission’, published soon after Irina’s own fight against cancer, she recognized the significance of the material right away. The nine factors described by Dr. Turner matched exactly what Irina’s own intuition had guided her to do in order to heal herself. Irina is passionate about bringing this wisdom to the attention of as many people as possible.

As a Duke-trained Integrative Health Coach and Holistic Life Coach (certified by the Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy), Irina especially feels drawn towards working with people who face a life-changing diagnosis and guiding them out of their fear into an empowered role to conquer their health challenges with courage and a positive spirit.

Irina is certified in the following modalities:

-Radical Remission – 10 Factors (Certified Teacher and Coach)
-Energy- and Vibrational Healing: Integrative Energy Therapy (Master Teacher), Reiki (Master), Sound and Vibrational Therapy (Level III Therapist), Bach Flower Therapy
-Evidence-Based Plant-Based Nutrition (Cornell Certificate, Prof. T. Colin Campbell)

Email Irina by clicking the ‘envelope’ symbol below or reach her at [email protected].

Kristi Cromwell - Sutton, Massachusettes

Kristi began her journey in the health care field as a Speech-Language Pathologist. She has a Master’s Degree in Communication Disorders and a Minor in Health Education. She has spent many years working with clients of all ages. A brain tumor diagnosis in 2013 started her on a path to wellness and she now considers herself a “thriver”. Kristi is a Holistic Health Coach having studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as well as the Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy. She is also a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. She has studied at the Raw Food Institute and the Kushi Institute. She is currently working on furthering her coaching skills in the areas of overall wellness and oncology. She is an advocate for the National Brain Tumor Society and also serves as a mentor with the American Brain Tumor Association. Kristi became a Certified Radical Remission Teacher after attending the inaugural Radical Remission Teacher Training Program in October of 2017. She lives in the Boston Metro area and is excited to share Dr. Kelly Turner’s work with others.

Email Kristi by clicking the ‘envelope’ symbol below or reach her at [email protected].

Liz Curran - Haddon Township, NJ

Liz is a Health Coach, Certified Radical Remission™ Workshop Facilitator, and Speaker. In her practice, she takes an integrative approach to nutrition, as well as reducing anxiety through diet change. Liz utilizes her education and experience to coach her clients to break through barriers and implement the immune boosting benefits of the Radical Remission transformative healing factors. 

Liz believes it is important to provide support and accountability to her clients to empower them to implement the healing factors without feeling alone.   

After losing her sister to an aggressive breast cancer in 2014, Liz embraced health education, nutrition and stress reduction. She took her passion to help those with a cancer journey even further, when she co-founded a 501c3 nonprofit called HealTHY Life NJ. The organization’s mission is to support, educate and raise funds for late-stage cancer patients seeking integrative and complementary treatments. As the Vice President and leader of the HealThy Life education team, Liz hosts workshops and teaches classes for beneficiaries, cancer “thrivers”, and anyone seeking health promotion.

Liz coaches both individuals and small groups and leads Radical Remission Workshops virtually and in person in the Philadelphia region and beyond. 

Email Liz by clicking the ‘envelope’ symbol below or reach her at [email protected].

Corrine Danielson - West Palm Beach, Florida

Corinne Lemal Danielson has served as Center Director for the Sari Asher Center for Integrative Cancer Care, a non-profit in West Palm Beach, Florida since March 2009.  One of her favorite aspects of this work is her opportunity to assess new patients and work with them to develop a recommended plan of care for supportive therapies and lifestyle behaviors.  She recommends Radical Remission to all the patients the center serves and talks about the 10 factors regularly in patient assessments. Ms. Danielson has her master of public health from Emory University in behavioral science and health education and has been a Certified Health Education Specialist since 1996.    Corinne has lived and worked throughout Latin America, is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, and through her multicultural experiences has been exposed to health beliefs and healing practices from all over the world. She is always exploring natural health and wellness studies, therapies and nutrition to learn more about human wellness and behavior change.  Corinne has trained in the practice of Mindfulness and Wellness Coaching and considers herself a “wellness warrior”.

Email Corrine by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected].

Mariah Dean - Charlottesville, Virginia

Mariah, who has been in remission for 8 years, is a leadership and communications expert who has spent a major part of her career giving seminars, leading strategy meetings, developing teams, and coaching managers in Fortune 500 companies. She has coached and given workshops for over 13,000 people.

Her work has followed a wide arc from college work in mind-body studies and psychology to a career as a leadership consultant. She has been trained in and worked as a yoga instructor, birth doula, meditation teacher, and imagery coach. While teaching stress reduction, she became intrigued with group dynamics and developed expertise as a group facilitator.  This new direction took her into team and leadership development and management training which she did for over 20 years. A serious diagnosis brought her back to the mind-body focus, and now Mariah does workshops to help other people in their healing process. 

The thread that ties all her work together is helping people to be empowered and consciously diplomatic while staying true to themselves and making wise personal decisions that include a balance of intellect and intuition. 

Mariah is excited to be offering workshops to help people stay empowered in their healing process by applying the “10 Radical Remission Principles”

Her workshops are known for the ease with which participants make connections with one another, the wealth of information and useful strategies that are provided, and the positive, engaging and yet relaxed stye in which they are presented. She does workshops in Virginia and New England. She will travel to your site if no one teaches workshops in your area. Her workshops in Charlottesville include a delicious vegetarian lunch that she makes herself.

In Mariah’s words:

I want to share this information with cancer patients and their families so they are more prepared than I was when I started my healing journey. I know so many things now that I wish I had known when I was diagnosed. I felt like I was shooting in the dark and making it up 10 years ago after my diagnosis. Now we have a map, and I look forward to sharing this to help others navigate their way.” 

Email Mariah by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected].

Kathryn Doherty - Cos Cob/Greenwich, Connecticut

Kathryn Doherty is a Certified Radical Remission™ Instructor, Coach, Speaker, and stage IV breast cancer survivor. She is the Director of Wisdom + Wellness, a conference focused on integrative cancer treatments, and the USA ambassador for Arcadia Clinic in Germany. Kathryn has taught at Omega Institute both on-campus and online for the Omega Teacher’s Studio series. She leads retreats and has presented internationally on the Healing Factors.
Kathryn’s experience with cancer spans over 40 years – as an advocate and caregiver for her mother, father, husband, and most recently as a patient. Her personal experience and the global impact of this disease fuel her commitment to support and engage with those affected by cancer.

Read Kathryn’s full healing story here: www.radicalremission.com/profile/katdoh/



Email Kathryn by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected].

Tara Flanagan - Brooklyn, NYC

After losing her sister quickly to an aggressive cancer in 2006, Tara was devastated by the loss and painful experience she had witnessed as one of her sister’s primary caregivers. Tara was later stunned to be diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer herself in 2017, with few symptoms. This led to the discovery that she carried a significant genetic mutation known as Li-Fraumeni Syndrome, an inherited familial predisposition to near-certain, and often multiple, cancer diagnoses. Tara’s intuition told her she must seek out alternative healing in addition to her conventional treatment to give herself every chance at survival. Her healing path includes weekly Chinese Qigong healing sessions, meditation, sound therapy, diet change, and a complete overhaul of her personal and professional life. She is always seeking new information about the field of epigenetics, as she believes in the power of the mind-body connection’s ability to override her genetic disposition. As a massive fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Tara is living life in a state of creation, full of love for life, her 10-year-old daughter, and international travel. Tara is proudly in remission at the moment and fully devoted to bringing the Radical Remission Project’s message of hope to the masses. She is available locally in the NYC area and internationally for workshop facilitation, corporate events, and speaking engagements.

Email Tara by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected].

John Henry – Brick, NJ, Jersey Shore Area

John is a lifelong educator and currently develops and leads training programs in his role as a STEAM, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and Sustainable Schools Specialist at the New Jersey School Boards Association. His passion in his professional role allows him to help promote healthy schools for the 1.4 million children in NJ. 

As you may expect, receiving a diagnosis of cancer has a way of sending anyone into a state of fear. That is exactly how he felt in 2014 after learning he had hairy cell leukemia. However, six months into his diagnosis, he discovered the Radical Remission Project™. As a result, fear turned into hope and possibility, and new healing modalities came into view as John began following the 10 key healing factors. 

He began with radically changing his diet, slowly integrated exercise, eliminated stress and eventually added the other key healing factors. The results were a stabilization of the progression of the leukemia for almost 4 years. He is currently collaborating with HealTHY Life NJ, an organization whose mission is to support, educate and raise funds for late-stage cancer patients seeking integrative and complementary treatments. Through HealTHY Life NJ, John speaks to cancer patients and shares with them his journey and healing modalities. 

John completed the Radical Remission Workshop Teacher Training at Omega Institute. He is a Certified Radical Remission™ Workshop Facilitator and Speaker, as well as a leukemia survivor & thriver. In addition to serving the adult community, with his background in K-12 education, John has set an intention to bring the Radical Remission Project™ to schools so children can learn about radical health and wellness as an educational best practice.  

Email John by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach him at [email protected].

Kimberly Kirschner - Orlando/Celebration, Florida

After losing her mother to lung cancer, Kimberly was motivated to pursue education and certification/licensure in multiple disciplines with the goal of coaching her clients in a well-rounded lifestyle focused on proper nutrition, exercise, meditation, rest and relaxation. Credentials include:

  • Florida Licensed Dietician/Nutritionist (LDN)
  • Masters of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health; Certified Nutrition Specialist
  • A4M Fellowship in Integrative Oncology
  • Florida Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Certified Food-for-Life Instructor (Food for Life is a direct service nutrition education program of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine PCRM.org)
  • Pet Therapy partner Therapy Dogs International

She is pleased to be offering Radical Remission workshops as a trained workshop facilitator and coach.

You may email Kim by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected]

Debra Nozik - Albany, New York

Debra Nozik is a Certified Radical Remission teacher and Coach.  She has been working as a Licensed Social Worker since 1978.  She currently works as a psychotherapist in Albany, NY.  Debra has been a support group facilitator at “To Life!” a breast cancer support and education organization since 2007.  Debra was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 1999 and is a Radical Remission Survivor/Thriver.  She is a strong believer in the saying, “Believe the diagnosis, not the prognosis.”

Email Debra by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected].

Kathy Oliver - Elkridge, Maryland

Kathy has a degree in Social Work and has worked in the nonprofit sector for most of her career.  Kathy started working immediately upon graduation, with individuals with physical and developmental disabilities in various environments.  She then moved on to work as a Hospice social worker. Kathy’s last position before starting her family, was Wish Coordinator for the Make-A-Wish organization.  Shortly after the birth of her son, Bo, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She went on to have another child, her daughter Rachel, but due to serious complications of the MS while pregnant, she was unable to have any more children. 

It was at this time that Kathy began investigating other options for her health issues in addition to those within the mainstream medical formulas. After Kathy’s son Bo was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma at the age of 15, she was introduced to Radical Remission.  She started using all 10 original factors within her own health journey as well as her son’s.

In August of 2017, Kathy, Buddy and Rachel along with Bailey Jones (Bo’s fiancé) and the Jones’ family founded the BoStrong Foundation in honor and memory of Bo. The foundation provides young adults and their families with holistic treatment options as a therapy in and of itself or, in conjunction with mainstream treatments. They offer support and encouragement to these families as they navigate this difficult journey. They have established the BoStrong Music Room in the Ulman House, a residence for young adults fighting cancer in Baltimore, MD. 

Kathy is excited about being a Certified Radical Remission Instructor.  She is President of the BoStrong Foundation (bostrongfoundation.org) and is currently in process of becoming a wellness oncology coach thru Wisdom of the Whole.  Her goal is to encourage and enable others to have the confidence in pursuing their own path to health and wellness.

Email Kathy by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected].

Kristy Peterson – Rhode Island

Kristy’s passion is to help people find their potential to heal. Her interest in nutrition, health, and wellness began when she was first pregnant and she focused on a healthy pregnancy. A natural childbirth in 2003 carried over into a natural health style with nutrition, and all the products she used for her family and herself. Over the years in raising her three children she used nutrition and natural remedies to help keep her family healthy. She started using essential oils in 2013 and still uses oils, as well as herbs, as her go to on an almost daily basis. Today, many family members and friends come to her for advice on how to treat a variety of health concerns from the common cold and flu to fatigue, sleep issues, joint pain, digestive issues, and even minor injuries. 

Kristy is a certified Radical Remission Workshop Facilitator, Health Coach, and Herbalist. She is always researching and has an analytical personality, which is probably why she has also been working as a Computer Programmer since 1995. In 2012 she became a certified Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and in 2019 received her certificate in IIN’s Coaching Intensive Practicum. She has been studying herbalism since 2018. She was always drawn toward cancer research and the different ways a person can take control of their health to boost their immune system. She began health coaching with cancer clients, and found the positive impacts on her clients very fulfilling. Shortly thereafter she found the book Radical Remission. The book instantly resonated with her and has been the best book she has read on how to deal with a cancer diagnosis since it encompasses all aspects of one’s life: mind, body and spirit. She jumped at the opportunity to become a Radical Remission Workshop Facilitator when the training was available in 2019. 

Kristy’s other favorite things are spending time with family and friends, being in nature, hiking, walking with her dogs, trips to the beach, and running. She is constantly researching and learning and loves to attend workshops in all aspects of health. 

Email Kristy by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected].

Aimee Poirier - Boston, Massachussetts

Aimee W. Poirier is an Acupuncturist, Certified Radical Remissions Workshop Facilitator, International Speaker and Writer.  As co-owner of Collective Healing Center, with two clinic locations in Metro Boston, Aimee has maintained a private practice in Acupuncture since 2004.  Aimee obtained a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College and a M.A. in Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture from the New England School of Acupuncture. Aimee has been developing a specialty in Cancer Care and Women’s Health since 2001.  She is a protege of Tom Tam, Boston based Acupuncturist / Qi Gong Healer and has worked closely with him over the past two decades.  

Her experiences with patients in the field of complementary oncological medicine led her to the Radical Remission Project (RRP), and the work of Dr. Kelly Turner. To continue important conversations regarding wellness and lifestyle, she became a RRP workshop facilitator.  

As a board member of the Oriental Culture Institute Healing Research Foundation, Aimee works to educate on the research of a  mind/body healing modality, Tong Ren Therapy. Assisting others in reaching for their optimal health and true potential has remained a continuous professional goal.  

Email Aimee by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected].

Beth Schroeder - Moorestown, New Jersey

Owner of Simply Health LLC since 2009, Beth continues in a clinical and integrative private practice to assist patients with cancer or chronic illness to make dietary and lifestyle changes. Beth brings both passion and dedication to improving her patient’s current quality of life and overall survival. 

When someone is told by their doctor that they have a disease (cancer, diabetes, heart concern) they often begin treatments that include medications, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or other interventions. Rarely are they instructed about eating fewer processed foods or adding more plant-based foods to support their treatment options. 

As a Certified Nutrition Specialist ® practitioner, and licensed dietitian-nutritionist I have been guiding patients back to health by being as committed to their nutritional intake as they and their medical team are committed to a treatment path. I do this because I know how nutritional intake and lifestyle change profoundly affect overall survival and quality of life alongside medical intervention. I am living proof. 

Having undergone aggressive medical treatment (1998) for an aggressive breast cancer that included all standard therapies, I pursued macrobiotic and plant-based foods to bolster my weakened immune system due to treatment to conquer this disease. That was nearly twenty years ago, before there was much research to support dietary intervention. I am a current survivor of stage 4, metastatic cancer (2016) and continue to awe my own oncology team with improving markers and recovery toward greater remission. 

I earned a Master of Science degree in Nutrition at Maryland University of Integrative Health, which included extensive clinical nutrition, integrative health strategies and research to expand my practice related to the benefits of plant-based foods improving outcomes from a diagnosis of chronic and life-threatening diseases. At MUIH, I continue as adjunct faculty in the Nutrition Department for online courses. 

Email Beth by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected].

Cynthia Searle - St. Augustine, FL

Just short of her 43rd birthday and 9 months after the birth of her 3rd child, Cynthia was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. Believing that western medicine offered the best opportunity for healing, she endured a full course of chemotherapy, surgery, another full course of chemotherapy, and 32 daily radiation treatments. After a year of treatment she was declared healed and cancer-free.

2 ½ years later she discovered a new tumor. This time, with the help of some dedicated friends to shepherd her into the unknown world of holistic medicine, she began to read everything she could to educate herself. With three weeks until the start of chemotherapy she created a new nutritional plan grounded in science. In 2012 Cynthia completed a full course of traditional western treatment which, coupled with her commitment to a complete overhaul of her nutritional practices, lead to the blessing of once again being declared cancer-free!!  And she has remained cancer-free even since!

In the years following her second cancer battle Cynthia has built a ministry providing peer counseling and support to cancer patients, survivors and their loved ones.  

In 2018 Cynthia established a non-profit organization called MPoWR St. Augustine designed to inspire, educate and EMPOWER individuals in her community to actively participate in both the fight against and prevention of cancer.  

As a Certified Radical Remission Instructor, Cynthia hosts intimate Radical Remission Retreats at the oceanfront House of Sea and Sun Bed and Breakfast in her hometown of St. Augustine, FL.  Combining the beauty and restful pace of the Florida coast, along with the historic offerings of the oldest continuously inhabited city in the US, Cynthia believes St. Augustine is a wonderful location for people to recharge their healing ‘batteries’ and create an action plan for wellness.  She also hosts multiple weekly drop-in sessions, covering 1 Radical Remission Factor at a time for those local residents seeking a more immediate opportunity to incorporate the Radical Remission Factors into their life.  

She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Irvine with majors in Political Science and Psychology.  She also spent two years in a Ph.d. program in Comparative Politics at USC studying the Russian language and soviet area politics.  

When she is not hosting Radical Remission events you can find her serving clients as a licensed real estate broker.  Her interests include her Christian faith, deep dives into cancer research, her 3 amazing children, high level competitive tennis, riding her beach cruiser, meditation at the beach and anything ‘coffee’. 

Email Cynthia by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected]. 

Andrea Sexton - Roanoke, Virginia

Andrea is a wellness coach specializing in holistic support for cancer recovery and prevention.

A cancer thriver herself, Andrea understands the need for a support system outside of friends and family, who are often worried and overwhelmed. She followed her intuition when seeking treatment for an ovarian cancer diagnosis and believes she is healthy today because of that.

Andrea’s mission is to help others find or regain within themselves the strength and knowledge to help their body, mind and spirit heal according to their best interests. She empowers clients with the strategies and resources needed to manage stress, reduce toxins and strengthen the immune system, all founded on the 10 Healing Factors of Radical Remission.

She is a member of the International Association of Wellness Professionals, the International Coaching Federation, a Radical Remission Teacher and Coach, and a health freedom advocate. You can read Andrea’s healing story at www.ariseempowered.net

Email Andrea by clicking the ‘envelope’ symbol below or reach her at [email protected].

Mana Washio - Boston, Massachusetts

Mana Washio is very excited to be part of the Radical Remission team.      She was certified as a Radical Remission Workshop Facilitator  in 2019 and certified as a Radical Remission Health Coach in January 2020.

Mana is also certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Reiki Practitioner / Master Teacher. 

Mana went through her own journey of  surviving cervical cancer in 2009:  due to the strain of virus she carried, Mana had been told by her doctor that she was in the highest risk group.  She decided to incorporate major diet and lifestyle changes, and took many steps to improve her mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Although her doctor was quite certain that the cancer would return, there has been no reoccurrence, and at present, no HPV virus has been detected in her body.

Because of her own experience, Mana wants to spread  Dr. Turner’s research to many people in the world.  Her future goals include giving Radical Remission workshops / coaching opportunities to the Japanese speaking population.

Email Mana by clicking the ‘envelope’ symbol below or reach her at [email protected].

United States – Central

Karla Mans Giroux – Hawthorn Woods, Illinois (NW Chicago suburbs)

Karla was recently “released” from the corporate world and is joyfully pursuing what she wants to be when she grows up! For 18 years she was striving and climbing within the Information Technology (IT) department at a large organization. As the Global Head of Change and Communications the past 5 years, Karla knows just how hard change can be for people. She also knows how important it can be, and never more important than when faced with a life-threatening disease.

With her knowledge of change management practices and her passion to heal the world she has embarked on a healing and learning journey to help herself and others regain optimal health and longevity. She has become a health coach and is thrilled to be able to offer Radical Remission coaching and workshops to those on a cancer journey, as well as those seeking prevention.

Karla was originally diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2003 and underwent a mastectomy, chemo and radiation. When her 10-year “cancer-versary” rolled around in 2013 she celebrated her good health and thought she was in the clear! However, a second metastatic cancer challenge arose in late 2014. With a long-time goal to live to be 100 this did not align!

As a striver (aka Type A personality) she left no stone unturned and began utilizing natural, holistic healing modalities and non-toxic interventions to supplement more conventional ones. She has successfully harnessed the power of her body, mind, heart and spirit for healing; achieving and maintaining great results. She is passionate about empowering others to successfully do the same for whatever challenges they are facing.

Karla still has every intention of making it to 100 (maybe even 120) and with the strength of optimism and a positive spirit she is loving every moment on that journey! Join her in December 2065 for the party of a century!

Email Karla by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected].

Charlotte Jernigan - Austin, TX

Charlotte is certified to lead workshops in the “Radical Remission” whole health curriculum of Dr. Kelly Turner, PhD. She has practiced for more than 20 years as an herbalist, nutritionist and Ayurveda Practitioner (NAMA, North American Ayurveda Medical Association.)  She completed her Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and she is an expert in plant based cuisine. She was Lead Instructor for Ayurveda Cuisine and Nutrition at the Natural Epicurean school for professional chefs.

As an additional key skill-set, Charlotte is an advanced-circle member with her Jyotish teacher, the renowned Hart de Fouw, including study of Vedic astrology, hand/body marking analysis, Sanskrit and Vedic architecture, all of which are sister sciences of Ayurveda.

Charlotte teaches Radical Remission, Ayurveda and plant-based nutrition and does private whole health and life-choices consultations with nutrition, Ayurveda and Jyotish in various locations around the US. She currently resides in Austin, Texas. 

Email Charlotte by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected].

Annette Meinzer - Cincinnatti, Ohio

Passionate about facilitating empowerment, transformation, and healing in those who have been diagnosed with cancer as well as those seeking to prevent it, Annette Meinzer is a Certified Radical Remission Coach and Instructor.

Annette obtained her BSN in Nursing, is a Board-Certified Coach, Certified Stress Management Instructor, Certified in Clinical Meditation and Imagery, and has received extensive training in energy healing therapies and Transpersonal Coaching. She has been entrenched in the field of Mind-Body-Spirit Healing and Holistic/Integrative medicine where the whole person is incorporated into the care and healing process for the past 16 years. She believes that we can take an active role in our healing process which will strengthen our immune system and could lead to radical remission.

Annette began her conquest into alternative healing techniques and remission after both her husband and mom were diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and 2005. She resides in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and is a mother of five children. While she did lose her mom to cancer her husband was able to recover although unfortunately passed away in 2015 to other causes. Through these challenges she developed an inner strength and resilience and learned the art of pushing forward and living again despite the obstacles and adversities that we are challenged with. She learned how to move on from the “moment of impact”, whether it is due to a diagnosis or loss, to the creation of a new life filled with joy, peace, and love. Her mission in life is to now assist others and walk with them on this journey.

Annette has openings for complimentary thirty-minute discovery calls and would love the opportunity to connect with you through zoom or by phone. Please email her to set up a time at [email protected] or by clicking on her calendar at http://callwithannette.com. Please visit her website at soarintolife.com/radical-remission.

Website: https://soarintolife.com/radical-remission

Email Annette by clicking the ‘envelope’ symbol below or reach her at [email protected].

Caryn Murray - Chicago, Illinois

Certified as a Radical Remission Coach and Workshop Instructor continues to fuel Caryn’s passion for helping people on their cancer journey find integrative body, mind and spirit solutions that are empowering. Caryn believes there is a ‘gift’ in all things, even in her 2013 Stage-4 appendix cancer diagnosis! Cancer taught her about the importance of self-care, self-love and a whole-body approach to health. She combined the best Western medicine offered through HIPEC surgery with everything CAM, complimentary alternative medicine looking for her best possible outcome, now 6+ years and counting! Loyola University Medical Center video on HIPEC surgery with surgeon, Dr. Gerard Abood.

Life for Caryn BC, (before cancer) included a career as a real estate broker, caregiver, hospice and Imerman Angel volunteer. As a lifelong learner studying metaphysics for 16+ years, Caryn is a trained shaman and holds many alternative energy healing certifications. Caryn’s healing story can be found HERE.

Caryn’s many certifications include:

  • Radical Remission Teacher with Dr. Kelly Turner and Radical Remission Coach
  • Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy, Core Competency 
  • Shaman, Graduate, Healing the Light Body School at the Four Winds Society with Dr. Alberto Villoldo
  • Dying Consciously Certified Teacher, The Four Winds Society
  • Level 2, Human Design Specialist with Karen Curry Parker
  • Graduate, AIHT, American Institute of Holistic Theology
  • The Reconnection I, II and III with Dr. Eric Pearl
  • Reiki I and II
  • Akashic Records Teacher with Dr. Linda Howe
  • Angelspeake Faciliatator with Barbara Marx and Trudy Griswold

Are you interested in going deeper to expand your spirituality and intuition? Are you willing to look at the patterns you repeat or things that trigger you? Have you considered the power of the words you use and the vibration it puts out into the world? What do you want to attract and manifest in your life? Through self-discovery, understand the power of how your mindset, emotions, and intention manifests in your life. To understand the Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions connection better, imagine this visual, one of an iceberg. What is above the water represents the physical body (we only see the tip of the iceberg) and the mind, spirit, and emotions are under the surface of the water, residing in the subconscious (the greater mass). These are the areas where we bury suppressed emotions and traumas that can impact our lives and health dramatically. It is important to look at all these areas to release anything that feels stuck or not resolved in order to return to balance and peace. Please reach out to me if you are interested in going deeper. www.carynmurray.com.

Click on the ‘envelope’ icon to contact Caryn or reach her at [email protected].

Mich Schreiber - Austin, Texas

Mich Schreiber L.Ac, MSOM lives in Austin, TX, USA, and has been practicing in the complementary health care field since 1997. Mich is proud and honored to be a member of the Radical Remission team of workshop instructors. They are a Licensed Acupuncturist and the founder and director of The Cancer Wellness Center in Austin. Mich has advanced training, certification, and practice in integrative oncology. Their heart passion is in working with cancer patients and survivors, helping each person navigate their own healing experience.

Mich is a TCM doctoral candidate at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine with a focus on Integrative Medicine and received a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in 2003. They are also certified in holistic nutrition, several styles of massage and bodywork, meditation instruction, and reiki. Professional memberships include the Society of Integrative Oncology and The Texas Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. In other realms of life, Mich can be found spending time with family, exercising body and mind, cooking, volunteering, and playing drums.

Email Mich by clicking the ‘envelope’ symbol below or reach her at [email protected].

Mikah Simmons – Fort Wayne, IN

Mikah began her healing journey in 2017, with implementation of the 10 factors of Radical Remission in 2019. She believes that the immune boosting, inflammation reducing lifestyle changes that she encountered while implementing the 10 factors have markedly decreased the symptoms of her chronic disease. Her goal is to introduce the concepts of Radical Remission to anyone on a healing or prevention path, regardless of their diagnosis.

Mikah had a 30 year career as a nurse before finding her way to a wellness coaching and health promotion practice. She served at the bedside throughout those 30 years, but along the way earned her Master’s degree in Nursing and became a nursing instructor. Providing patient advocacy and patient education were her strongest professional attributes. 

Mikah completed the Radical Remission Workshop Teacher Training at Omega Institute. She is also a Certified Wellness Coach, and Certified Radical Remission Coach. 

Mikah’s coaching vision statement: Together we will optimize the health of your body and mind with practice and implementation of the Radical Remission factors. The intention of our journey together will be to heal, decrease disease progression and boost immunity.

Mikah coaches both individuals and small groups virtually and in person. She facilitates workshops in Northeast Indiana and co-teaches with her Teacher Training comrades at a variety of locations in the U.S. She is also available for teaching workshops in her hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Email Mikah by clicking the ‘envelope’ symbol below or reach her at [email protected].

Maureen Spielman - River Forest, Illinois (Chicago Western Suburbs)

Maureen Spielman is an Integrative Health Coach and Certified Radical Remission Workshop Facilitator.  She is focused on guiding others to a place of health, wellness and joy in their lives. Trained as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Maureen believes that finding your voice and communicating your needs, especially during health challenges, is essential.  A diagnosis of breast cancer in 2018 led Maureen to undergo conventional treatments (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation). In order to fully heal her body and mind, Maureen sought out alternative therapies such as acupuncture, energy work, and substantial diet changes.  She believes that discovering new outlets such as meditation, journaling and creating new paths for joy was also important for her healing. When Maureen read Dr. Turner’s work in Radical Remission, it deeply resonated with her. She found the research and personal accounts to be both educational and inspirational and followed her intuition to become a Radical Remission Workshop facilitator.  Maureen believes that everyone has a unique path for healing and wholeheartedly believes in the 10 lifestyle factors taught in Radical Remission workshops. In addition to interests in mind-body connection, healing and wellness, Maureen is an active volunteer for drug & alcohol prevention and social & emotional learning in her community.

Email Maureen by clicking the ‘envelope’ symbol below or reach her at [email protected].


Shannon Iverson - North Battleford/Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

My career as a Registered Nurse has allowed me to work in diverse areas of practice over the last 33 yrs. Unfortunately, I have witnessed much chronic disease while becoming especially concerned with the increasing number of cancer cases. Being an action-orientated individual, I have always felt that a healthy lifestyle could impact the immune system to prevent disease and help the body to heal body/mind/spirit.

While completing my Masters in Education in 2012, I continued in the nursing profession as a nursing educator while aligning my career in health promotion. In 2018, I became a qualified mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) teacher, inspired by Dr. Jon Kabt-Zinn, so that I could have more of an impact on health, related to the mind/spirit. On a deeper level of inspiration, my 26 yr son was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma in 2015, one of the scariest days of my life, and I knew we needed to take action on health like never before. He was put on a “watch and wait” and within 2 months of radically changing his life by using the 10 factors in Radical Remission, a lymph node that was enlarged above his Rt collar bone (and after being enlarged for 8 months), went back to being within normal parameters. He is thriving, strong and healthy. His blood markers are completely normal as are his physical examinations. The immune system, when supported, is miraculous! 

I have joined an integrative team of holistic practitioners at Lifeways Integrative Wellness where I currently teach MBSR classes and will be offering weekend classes in Radical Remission. I am so grateful to be a part of the Radical Remission team with Dr Kelly Turner as our leader.

Email Shannon by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected].

Sylvie Lessard - Sudbury, Ontario

Cancer ‘thriver’, long time healthy living advocate, Certified Health Coach and Certified Radical Remission Workshop Instructor, Sylvie Lessard’s ongoing passion has been to learn about and experience the amazing self-healing capacities of the human body. 

After a breast cancer diagnosis in 2007, she embarked on her own healing journey by exploring various ways to take part in her healing process and by implementing numerous strategies to recreate health and balance in her life. (Read about her journey here). Her goal is now to assist and empower people who face similar health challenges.

She will be offering Radical Remission workshops in her community (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada) first in English, and eventually in French when the material becomes available. 

Sylvie leads a support group called the ‘Thrivers’ Circle which brings together women who have experienced cancer and who share their knowledge and best practices in overcoming their health challenges. Anyone interested in increasing their well-being, preventing disease or faced with a serious diagnosis -cancer or other degenerative disease- is most welcome to join!

Email Sylvie by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected].

Louise Roberge - Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec

Louise is a health and well-being life Coach, certified Radical Remission ™ Workshop Teacher, health educator and naturopath.

After reading the book by Dr. Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D Radical Remission on the Nine Key Factors in Those Who Cope, she realized that many of these key factors are integral to the natural factors of health. She completed the training of Dr. Kelly A. Turner in New York and since then has been a Certified Radical Remission ™ Teacher/Health Coach. In addition, she offers this experiential workshop on prevention and health education, in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, on the South Shore, in Bromont, in the Eastern Townships, in Montreal and in Quebec.

She did her university studies at HEC de Montréal and a professional career of more than 25 years in the corporate and business development field; she was able to see the importance of empowering yourself and the factor of releasing suppressed emotions, such as stress. Touched by the loss of close members of her family as a result of cancer, her mother and the father of her grown-ups, her raison d’être has since turned towards natural medicine, the global and integrative approach, prevention and education. of health. Its comprehensive approach is based on the correct management of natural health factors that can stimulate its power to self-recover and self-heal. It may consider all the elements, whether physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Email Louise by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected].


Sandy McShane - The Gold Coast, Australia

Sandy was diagnosed with Colorectal cancer, stage 3, May 2017. Sandy’s intuition spoke loudly to her in the following months when making decisions about how to become well. This lead her away from conventionial treatment and towards changing her life in a myriad of ways. Consequently, Sandy’s health to took a turn for the better and she loves life more and more all the time. Sandy sees the tumour she once had as a blessing in disguise, carrying crucial messages on how to live the best life possible. During this time, Sandy read Radical Remission, which was incredibly validating for her, encouraging what she was doing and enabling her to identify areas of her life where she could grow and heal. Sandy travelled to New York to do the Teacher Training. Sandy is aware that cancer statistics are on the rise and is passionately dedicated to spreading the news that there are many things that people can do to boost their immune system and work towards healing from cancer and other health conditions. 

Sandy lives on The Gold Coast in Australia and offers workshops locally and in other parts of Australia and abroad. Please contact Sandy if you are interested in having a workshop in your area.

Email Sandy by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected].

United Kingdom

Dr. Zahra Gharaei - Sheffield, UK

Zahra Gharaei completed her PhD in Oncology from the University of Sheffield in 2016. Her research ignited her interest in cancer patient well-being through integrative approaches, which led her to obtaining a certification in Nutrition for Cancer Prevention &
Longevity from The Health Sciences Academy. Zahra is also an ICF trained coach and combined with her background and knowledge, she aims to empower cancer patients in their journey.

Email Zahra by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected].

New Zealand

Justine Laidlaw - Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

At 45 years old Justine was diagnosed with a Stage 3 aggressive colon cancer. She embarked on an enlightening journey to find out the best possible course of treatment to stay alive and healthy. Her father had passed away of colon cancer which made her realise that she didn’t want to go down the conventional path of healing.  Justine opted to have surgery but opted out of the traditional treatment options and decided she could help heal herself by using integrative and holistic methods. No Chemo & No Radiation! Justine understood that a bigger part of her healing would involve continual exploration into what her body, mind and soul needed on a day to day basis. Justine is now cancer free 5 years from diagnosis.

Justine found “Radical Remission” at an integrative clinic she took a friend to for his cancer treatment a couple of years after her diagnosis, and soon discovered that she had applied the 10 healing factors into her journey towards wellness.

Her cancer journey has led her to train as a life coach and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach where she’s works with cancer patients, helping them to navigate their own healing path. She also has an ozone therapy business and runs a prostate cancer support group for men in her region. 

Justine traveled from New Zealand to attend the Radical Remission Teacher Training in 2017.

You may email Justine by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon or reach her at [email protected].

Julianne O’Brien - Greenhithe, Auckland, New Zealand

Julianne trained at our inaugural Radical Remission Workshop Teacher Training in 2017.

After receiving a diagnosis of Triple Negative Stage 3 Breast Cancer in 2015 and a mastectomy Julianne’s journey began in looking further at Mind-Body-Spirit Healing. Julianne had lost her sister earlier to a brain aneurism. Her mother carries the Lynch Gene and has had ovarian and bowel cancer. Julianne did not wish her family to go through any more grief and she decided to research what was available to heal both herself and her mother. She was recommended the book Radical Remission that had recently been published and this resonated with what Julianne was looking for. Having her three daughters in her care and her sister’s daughter living with her as well, she had a very strong reason for living.

Julianne completed 1year of Human Development Training in 1996 and has always had an interest in Holistic & Integrative Medicine. She completed a course in Thought Field Therapy in 2004. She has also been chairperson of Breast Cancer Network. During this time Julianne worked with a team of women who organised workshops and published a tri monthly magazine with current information on healing through mind body and spirit. Julianne has also completed a Mindfulness workshop and uses mindfulness as a daily practice. 

Following the 10 Factors of Radical Remission has shown Julianne that the power of healing her body has given her an insight into an overall improvement of her health. She is passionate about sharing this with people in her community by facilitating Radical Remission Workshops. 

Julianne is the mother of three daughters. She lives on a lifestyle block in the community of  Greenhithe on Auckland’s North Shore. After Julianne’s diagnosis she planted her own organic garden and thrived on feeding her body with organic vegetables from her garden. Julianne previously had her own café and worked as a chef in a retirement home. She believes that teaching people how to grow their own vegetables and make healthy whole food meals is a step in healing the body. She also completely detoxified her home and has a list of natural homemade products that you can make on a budget to eradicate toxins in your environment. Julianne has learnt to listen to her intuition and it is through this she has found her passion in life, to share what she has learnt with others. As she has found this has given her a new lease on her life and she fill’s every day with those things that bring her love, laughter and peace.

Julianne will be offering Radical Remission Workshops in New Zealand in the future.  

Email Julianne by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach her at [email protected].


Peter Quilendrino, MD - Manila, Philippines

Dr. Peter is a General Surgeon in Manila. He is also double-board certified in Nutritional and Anti-Aging Medicine in Belgium. Dr. Peter’s clinical practice includes Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe), a new paradigm in health management that aims to detect and correct imbalances applying the sciences of Clinical Metabolomics, Gut Microbiome Health, Exposomics, Epigenetics, Chronobiology, and Evolutionary Medicine. Dr. Peter deals with the whole spectrum of health, from managing illness to maximizing health. 

The 10 healing factors identified in the Radical Remission research resonates with Dr. Peter’s belief that healing is possible with an individual’s relentless quest for health, combining a personalized, scientific approach with elements that restore harmony to one’s life. He is convinced that incorporating these factors into one’s life offers realistic optimism for a cure and should benefit anyone who wishes to improve on their health. 

Dr. Peter is on a continuous journey of learning and sharing a deeper understanding of how we are affected by things within us and around us, and how we can harness their powers to restore and optimize health. As a certified Radical Remission Coach and Instructor, he is pleased to offer individual coaching and group workshops in-person and online alongside his clinical and telemedicine practice of health optimization.

Email Peter by clicking the ‘envelope’ icon below or reach him at [email protected].